M(issing) I(n) A(ction)

Just FYI, I will be somewhat MIA for the next few days, or maybe even weeks. Reason being is that I’ve just yet again moved to another city in China. I was in Beijing until last Sunday (Jul 4), and then I moved to Shenyang until Wednesday (Jul 7) and now I’m in Panjin where I am expected to live until… indefinitely (because my dad is working here right now).

When I was in Shenyang I had good stable internet access, but now I’m in Panjin and the only internet access I have is via those mobile internet sticks, like the ones that you stick into your USB outlet. Well those aren’t very stable (or fast), so I will likely not be going on Twitter or Facebook. But because for some awesome reason WordPress isn’t blocked in China, unlike Blogger (knock on wood), I can actually blog without going on VPN (which will just slow down connection even more)! So I will try to post up at least one blog post each day, but if I miss a day, please don’t throw tomatoes at me…

Anyways, thats it. If you have any questions, feel please to leave me a comment. I will still be reading and replying to them as always, so don’t think I will neglect and forget you!


Sheila ❤


2 thoughts on “M(issing) I(n) A(ction)

  1. Aw, I noticed you move a lot. I hope you have a comfortable stay in Panjin. I’ve never visited China so thoroughly before but it sure sounds like an adventure. I hope you find a good internet connection so we can all hear about your daily things 😀

    • Yeah, I’m moving around a lot this summer because I have relatives in various places here so I need to go around to visit them all, haha. I’ll try my best to update as much as possible =)

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