Hong Kong haul!

Surprisingly, I didn’t buy much in Hong Kong at all. As in, not many clothes or makeup items or anything. I did get a bit of shopping done, but I was definitely not in the mood or else I would have bought more.

Me haul! Mostly Jill Stuart but some other random stuff

My Jill Stuart haul! Jill Stuart was my main destination in Hong Kong. I spent a bit of time at the counter checking out everything and swatching as many things as possible. These were the stuff I ended up with.

First.. the Jill Stuart Moist Silk Foundation. I had done a review of this here, but because I loved the sample so much that I went and bought a full size. I highly recommend that everyone try this if you can get your hands on it!

You buy the foundation case and refill separately. I ended up with the newest case from the Smooth Silk Foundation N that was recently released as I liked the look better, plus there is an additional layer in between the sponge and the powder so its more hygienic. I'll take pics later.

The case is so pretty. I love the diamond-like cut at the very top with the signature J.

And no Jill Stuart compact is complete without its own dangly thing. I'll probably remove this and replace it with something else because it doesn't look very well-made.

The refill comes with a plastic sleeve that you can use when there is no separator between the sponge and the powder, but because this case does, I'll probably throw the sleeve away as it sometimes cuts into the powder =(

I also got the Pure Lasting Makeup Base and the Nail Lacquer N in #25 from Jill Stuart. I heard good things about the oil control of the Pure Lasting base so I really wanted to try it out.

Last but not least, I got the Jelly Eye Colour N in #8 Crystal Sky. It is a very pretty purple colour and smells amazing.

From Sasa and Watsons, I ended up with a Sunplay Skin Aqua Silky BB cream that was recommended by Yumeko, a Kiss Me Sunkiller BB cream (recommended by Kathi from Lotus Palace), a Loreal Chrome Intensity Eyes palette, a Kate Diamond something Eye palette, a Majolica Majorca mascara base and a Sasa cheek contour brush.

I also bought a Shu Uemura eyelash curler that was the cheapest I've ever seen at only 100HKD (approx $14CAD). In Canada this sells for about $20, in China about $28CAD and in UK for £20, which is about $30CAD.

Lastly, from Shiseido Maquillage I got the Lip Essence EX. I've read reviews that say its one of the best lip balms/serums out there and I've tried it out for the past few nights. So far I like it; full review coming soon!

And for some non-haul pictures, here is my dinner from Tuesday in Shenzhen. I had curry pork chop with fried rice. It was so funny because my dad was mad that it wasn't white rice. But the curry was good and the pork chops were nice and tender and not overcooked.

Some sashimi...

And some sushi. The meal was acutally quite cheap per person, 48RMB (approx $8) for the rice, 3 slices of sashimi, 2 sushi and a grilled item of your choice.

That’s it for all of my Hong Kong posts. I was only there for a day so I dunno if you can expect more, haha. I’ll be having my first of many Beijing posts up soon so stay tuned for that! And of course with the hauling from HK there will be lots of review posts coming soon too. If you’re interested in any of the products I mentioned, please watch out for the reviews.

Oh and one more thing… (reader beware, hehe)

I walked around so much that I got this huge blister on my feet. I rarely get blisters because I tend to walk around a lot anyways, but this was the first time in a long time for me. It ended up popping itself while I was walking to the coach to go to the airport. So gross >___<

Le blister...


12 thoughts on “Hong Kong haul!

  1. Amazing JS haul!
    Yep, the Jelly Eye Colors smell heavenly!
    The new compact is so much nicer – compliment on improving with a compartment for the sponge!

  2. Lots of Jill Stuart things! 🙂 That’s always great! I remember reading you and Jess’s review on the moist silk foundation. It looks like it is a dry powder but it may have an dewy base. I love powders that aren’t TOO dry. Currently, I’m using the Shiseido makeup powder… the one in the black compact case (you have to buy separately! Don’t understand the logic…do some ppl like to carry it w/o a case? LOL) I wonder if your Jill Stuart one is similar to mine? :p All your JS hauls look so darling!! 🙂

    Anyway, I really hope you do a review on both BB creams! I’m so SO so interested in those =p

    Aw, sorry about your foot! 😦 I hope it’ll heal faster since it decided to pop!

    • I kinda like that they sell the case separately because I ended up getting a different case than the one that usually comes with the refill. But I understand what you mean, its so weird too because they don’t even let people buy the refill without getting the compact…

      I will do reviews soon!! I’ve been testing them these days and I’ll get reviews up asap =)

      Thanks for your concern =D

  3. I love Hong Kong! I was just there in May, but I didn’t really buy much makeup since I didn’t know what to try. I’m hoping to buy more stuff once I go back in the future!

  4. holy.. *insert inappropriate word* lol. stop making us all jealous geez!! i hope all the JS stuff didn’t set you back too much :p how’s the sushi quality in shenzhen? is it comparable to BC? i actually didnt find BC sushi the freshest

    • The sushi in Vancouver (at least in some restaurants) is the freshest I’ve ever had… and its pretty inexpensive too which I like, hehe. The JS stuff actually wasn’t too bad! I didn’t buy that much so it wasn’t too expensive =P HK stuff is so cheap though in general XD

  5. hon, the shiseido lip essence is tempting! do you know any online stores having it?
    nordstorm doesnt have that collection yet :c

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