Review: Aqualabel White AC Emulsion

Aqualabel White AC Emulsion

Aqualabel is another one of the many subsidiaries of Shiseido. I’ve had good luck with most of their products before so I was surprised when I tried this product and it really didn’t live up to my standards.

What it claims (from translated from Chinese): A whitening emulsion that prevents adult acne, predicts growth of adult acne, eliminates blemishes, and changes the skin’s fatty layer.

Damage: I got this as a sample from when I bought my Aqualabel cleansing oil (which I love and will be reviewing soon). You can buy this at Aqualabel counters in Asia for around $13-20CAD for 130mL.

Instructions: Emulsions in Asia are like a light cream, thick lotion (lotions in Asia are like toners but with additional benefits). You would apply this in the place of your moisturizer, or as an added level of moisture you can apply it underneath your usual moisturizer. Because they are lighter, they might not offer the same level of moisture as your cream so this is probably more suitable for oily skin or as your summer moisturizer.

Aqualabel White AC Emulsion

The good: I feel that this is even lighter than the ZA emulsion that I am using, and absorbs quicker. It does not feel greasy at all, yet very watery. It gives a good amount of moisture that may be enough for summer if you have normal to oily skin.

  • Light
  • Non-greasy

The bad: Because it is so watery, its not enough for my dehydrated skin. While it does absorb quickly, it makes me feel like I didn’t apply anything even though I applied the entire amount you see in the picture above on my face. I brought this along on my trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, so needless to say my skin was dry and peeling the entire time even though it was humid outside. Also, one thing I cannot stand is the smell. It smells like a batch of chemicals. I can understand if they are trying to do the “fragrance-free” thing, but I think this is just plain lazy.

  • Not enough moisture for my skin (dehydrated combo)
  • Smells like chemicals

Overall: If you have very oily skin or have no problem with moisture and don’t mind a little chemical smell, I would recommend this to you. Otherwise, I would suggest you look into the moisture line (red bottles) of Aqualabel.

  • Product: 2/10
  • Packaging: 3.5/5
  • Value: 2/5
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Overall: 10.5/25 | 42% | F | ❤
  • Repurchase? No, I would consider trying the emulsion from the moisture line though.

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