New Product: O’slee BB Cream (cool video!)

O'slee BB Cream | Image source:

I saw this new product on Cosme-De. Its the O’slee Rosehip HD BB Cream. I’ve gotten good results with O’slee Rosehip products, but O’slee brand products a hit or miss for me. I’m hoping its going to be closer to the rest of their Rosehip products than their regular line of stuff because that would be cool.

The Cosme-De website has a really cool video attached to it. Its definitely this video that got me more interested in the this BB Cream.

Water solubility but still resistant? thats a new thing! And the fact that it has SPF 26 and PA++ means good sun protection but still light.

More info in Chinese | Source:

I’m definitely interested… are you?


4 thoughts on “New Product: O’slee BB Cream (cool video!)

  1. I definitely have to add this to the list of products that I need to try. Does water resistant mean that it won’t melt off my face in the heat? I hope that it gives good coverage as well because I like using BB cream as foundation.

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