Dupe for Guerlain #407 Bal de Minuit (my fave eyeshadow palette)!

Its probably not a secret anymore due to the sheer amount of times I use this palette in my looks and how many times I mention it that its my absolute favourite palette. Its undoubtedly the Guerlain Ombre Eclat in 407 Bal de Minuit.

I was looking at swatches of Lavshuca’s summer collection and I noticed that BR-1 is a really good, and inexpensive dupe for this palette. If you missed out on the Guerlain or if you liked it but didn’t want to spend $60+ on it, the Lavshuca is a good alternative. If you wanted something similar but not as intense/smokey, then BE-1 is another good alternative.

[Update] Thank you to Blair for pointing out that its from the summer, not spring collection. Ooops =/


2 thoughts on “Dupe for Guerlain #407 Bal de Minuit (my fave eyeshadow palette)!

  1. Bal De Nuit is indeed a truly beautiful palette, and the shades look amazing in the pan, but for some reason, it didn’t flatter me.

    I must admit, I’m not a big fan of Guerlain eyeshadow palettes, since all two palettes that I got failed on me. So, I let them go on my blog sale…

    Akisa mentioned that the Est Emotional Aura Eyes 03 looks very similar to Bal De Nuit too! Weird, that Guerlain Bal De Nuit failed on me, but Est Emotional Aura Eyes 03 is my hg palette, huh? 😉

    • Aww thats too bad to hear! This is my one and only Guerlain palette, I agree that most of them turn out not too great on me, but this one is absolute love.

      I’m glad that you found one that is similar in colour! If EST is as good as you say it is then I must get my hands on one. Its about the same price as Guerlain too =)

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