A Preview of Beijing

I arrived here late yesterday afternoon. After settling down in my dad’s apartment, we went out for dinner at Master Kong’s Beef Noodles restaurant and then went out for a stroll (and grocery shop).

Some pictures.

A Chinese department store with Japanese influences. There was a supermarket in the basement.

Oh em gee. I was so happy when I saw this. I dunno how much cheaper it would be compared to T&T but still happy. Apart from the haircare, they also had Japanese branded skincare and bodycare products, many of them are imported directly from Japan with Japanese writing on it! *Squeels*

I thought the goodness was over in the supermarket, but I walk upstairs and I see this. I checked the prices though, and they were really expensive, on par with Lunasol! *skips* =___=

Pictures were taken by camera phone, which is why they didn’t turn out great. I had packed my camera and forgot to take it out yesterday, but I did that today and now it’ll remain a permanent item in my purse.


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