Welcome to my hometown: Fuzhou, China

I’m leaving here this Thursday, but I realized I never took pictures of the city itself to show you guys. Some background info, I was born and lived in Fuzhou, China until the age of 6 when I moved to Vancouver. My whole extended family (with the exception of a few semi-far off relatives who live in NYC) live here. My parents were both born and raised here. Its a relatively unknown city compared to Shanghai, Beijing or even Suzhou, Hangzhou and some of the bigger cities, but its equally awesome.

Traditional street markets here. You see a lot of this in China. Most people have moved on to shopping at Western-style mega supermarkets, but some people still prefer the street market.

There is meat, fish, vegetables of all kind here. Anyone who's taken biology knows its probably not very sanitary for meat to put out like this, which is why I would never buy meat here.

There are a lot of selection for vegetables. Prices are cheap too and you're supporting local farmers.

A typical street in China, lined with small, family owned stores. There are some chain stores in China but its very rare. Even clothing stores are mainly boutiques, there aren't many chains unless you go to the big department stores.

Here is where you see the modern side of the city. Fuzhou is a mid-sized (mid-size still means about 5+ million people) city in the midst of development. Construction goes on everywhere.

I think they're trying to incorporate more of the traditional Chinese types of buildings. These buildings were just finished recently but they reflect traditional Chinese culture.

The bus stop lined with people. The public transportation system is actually not bad (and cheap). They've also started building the metro system, I'm hoping by the time I get back in a few years, there will be a subway for me to take!

This is where you see a mix of developed with undeveloped. You see older buildings like this scattered around the city. I believe these are dorms for workers. This one is in better condition, I've seen buildings that look like they're going to fall apart but people still live in them.

More construction. Its probably not going to stop in the near future.

Hey look, its Chairman Mao! XD

This is near the downtown core area of the city. One of my cousin works for Bank of China (the commercial bank, not the central bank, thats the People's Bank of China XD) in that building.

Woot for construction!

Sorry if some of the pictures aren’t top-quality photos. I took these pictures either while walking or in the car. I didn’t want to have my camera out for too long in case someone comes along and snatches it… But I do hope you enjoy this post. It’s been a very memorable 2.5 months (the longest I’ve ever stayed here since I immigrated to Canada) and I do hope to come back again soon.

Here’s a super random photo for you to finish off this entry.

This was an ad posted up in the elevator of my aunt's apartment. Basically its Minute Maid (by Coca Cola Co.) but available in 3 different flavours: pomegranate, kiwi and lemon. I wondered to myself why we never get stuff this good in Canada...


12 thoughts on “Welcome to my hometown: Fuzhou, China

    • I know right?! I still don’t know my way around this place. I was living outside London for 3 months and by the 3rd month I knew my way around London, but not this place.

      • Lol~, I remember having to drive for an hour from Changle Airport to my house on the highway… And supposedly its one city. Driving an hour here in greater Vancouver is going through 4 different cities/municipalities. ><

  1. wow Your hometown looks amazing. i hope you have a safe trip to wherever you’re heading to next! Where are you heading next? Vancouver or just around asia?

    • I’m going to Beijing, actually! I have my LSAT coming up this Sunday and I’m taking it there. I’ll be in China for another month before heading back to Canada =)

  2. So this is what my ancestors’ hometown looks like. Thanks for putting this up. Seems very industrialized nowadays.

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