Some thoughts on WordPress

Its been a few days since I’ve made the switch from Blogger to WordPress and I’ve had some people ask me how I like it here. I guess I’ll just post up an entry to summarize it for everyone in case you were wondering as well.

I think the main difference between now and when I was with Blogger is that even though I have been getting more hits in terms of visitors, I’ve been getting a lot less comments. I don’t know why that is, I’m assuming that most of my previous readers have no idea I moved to WordPress and so my new blog entries aren’t showing up on their feed. One of the major reasons I made the switch was because WP is organized in a cleaner, less clustered manner which means it would be easier for people to read as well as comment. Well, I’m not getting any more comments, which is quite sad actually.

But I am quite happy I made the move because of the way WP is set up, its made me want to blog more. You can see I post up multiple posts a day now, instead of one post every couple of days, some days now range from two to seven entries. They’re not short entries either, they’re long and I put a lot of thought and time into them.

While it is taking me a while to get to used to WP, I haven’t entirely regretted my decision to move here (apart from the comment thing…. sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself, LOL). Its a long process and it feels like I’m almost starting back at zero again even with 300+ blog entries and 1200+ comments. I don’t know, I guess its a learning curve thing.

Anyways, other thoughts on WP:

  • I love that there is an internal stat counter that is really accurate and actually offers a lot of information to help plan things like marketing (woot business student mode). It counts the links that people click on to arrive at and leave from your site, as well as the number of views each post receives, on a day-to-day basis. I no longer have to install stat trackers from external websites because the internal one works really well.
  • Comment counter. Before on Blogger, I had no idea how many comments I had, but once I made the move to WP, I was shocked by the number of comments I have. This is really great because its another way to track progress.
  • The option to reply directly to each separate comment. I think that is the biggest drawback of Blogger and why some people elected to move to WP or install a different comment add-on. This way people can get their questions answered directly without scrolling up and down looking for their name/answer. Its also more personalized this way because its obvious that the author read your comment.
  • Nice big pictures with captions! I love this feature, its another one of my favourites. While its actually easier and quicker to upload pictures via Blogger, I love how you can organize your pictures on WP. If you are looking to do a photoblog, I would definitely look towards WP instead of Blogger. The quality is just that much better.

Drawbacks to WP:

  • Er… the comment thing? And most of my beauty blogger friends still use Blogger, so its like I’m the lonely one out here by myself =(
  • You can’t install your own template unless you pay extra for the custom CSS editor or you install the WP software ( to your own server/domain. I do plan on doing that after the LSATs because I have registered my own domain (, but right now because I still have that major exam coming up, I dont’ have too much extra time to make the switch official. So now its just rerouting you to the WP blog XD
  • Javascript is disabled… I hate this, hate hate hate this. I’m trying to install some widgets like Google Friend Connect (for my Blogger-user friends to re-subscribe to me easier), but it just won’t work.
  • There aren’t too many options of customization, even in regular blog posts. If you want to change the font/colour/size of your text, HTML is the only way to go.
  • For some reason, it doesn’t show up on Google searches as much as Blogger blogs do, even if I do a really specific keyword search. I would imagine Google favour Blogger because they’re owned by Google, but I didn’t think it was this extreme. Maybe it will be better after I make the switch to my own domain.

I think those are the only major ones I can think of now. In the end though, I still prefer WordPress to Blogger now that I’ve used it for a few more days. Its definitely more professional and just cleaner in general.

P.S To my blogger friends: If you can mention just briefly in your blogs that I’ve made the switch from Blogger to it would be so awesome. Many of our readers are common so maybe it will notify them that I’m now with WP instead of wondering where in the world I went. Thanks so much in advance =)

If you want to re-add me to your feed, here is how you can do it without Google Friend Connect:


15 thoughts on “Some thoughts on WordPress

  1. Hm. Not sure what you’re talking about re: formatting. Are you sure you’re not just in HTML view, instead of ‘visual’ view? I can add links, insert photos/videos, change text formatting and all that, directly from the dashboard controls.

  2. Thanks for the first thoughts about wordpress, Sheila!
    I’m really tempted to own my own domain at WP. But I’m also afraid of loosing my followers and comments! :/

    But the comments section and picture arrangement possibility here at WP is so much better!!

    Btw, how much do you pay for the domain?

    • Hey Jess!

      You don’t actually lose your comments, I still have them from before, its just people are not commenting as often now. I’m sure if you do the prep work beforehand, like let people know you’re moving before the actual move (unlike me… lol), they’re follow you to your new domain.

      I purchased a domain from Netfirms. I still have no idea how it really works… but I’m working it out, LOL. I paid with Paypal =)

      Come to the dark side *rubs hands together* =P

  3. Ahhhh… I can’t seem to add any more people to my blog list, I’ve hit 300+ already. 😦
    And that sucks that you can’t get the google friend connect to work…

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