Mini tutorial – Copper eyeshadow!

Here’s a little short tutorial. Well its not really a tutorial its just pictures of the steps of how I apply my eyeshadow… Basically this is a quick look I did yesterday (took me about 5-10 minutes overall) before I went out for dinner. I didn’t apply any concealer, so you get a nice picture of all my the flaws on my skin too. Enjoy!

Here's a finished, half face photo for you first =D

Eye products used: Paul & Joe Spellbound palette (from Holiday 2009), Guerlain Ombre Eclat in Bal de Minuit (Holiday 2009), UDPP & Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Blend out UDPP on entire lid, apply the gold on the very left of P&J palette on 2/3 of the eyelid (left). Apply the dark copper on the right of the P&J palette as your liner and wing out a little bit (right)

Apply the middle colour in the P&J palette to the outer V of your eyes, and add the white shimmery colour in the Guerlain palette in the middle of the lids to create some depth (left). Just apply mascara and you're done!

Face makeup: Diorsnow White Reveal compact foundation as base and MAC Mineralize Blush in Two Virtues as blush.

I just applied Dior Lip Glow as my one and only lip product to add some subtle colour and shine.

That’s it.

Random thought, I actually really like the captions feature in WP. I can add captions to pictures without confusing picture as to which caption goes with which picture (sometimes it happens when people, sometimes me, aren’t consistent with where they put the captions below or above the picture). I don’t even need to type as much text because the caption does everything for me. Puahahahaha *cough*


2 thoughts on “Mini tutorial – Copper eyeshadow!

  1. I don’t know if it’ll look better or not, but instead of using the darker copper as a liner and winging it out…try making it a < shape? (sorry I suck at explaining). It kinds of gets blended in with the two other colors you used on your lid. You don't really notice it there.

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