Review & Comparison Photos: ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation

ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation

I’ve previously used the ZA True White Two Way Compact Foundation a few years ago and at the time I really liked it. After also reading reviews on their regular two way compact, I’ve really wanted to try this. They did recently revamped this compact though, the old one looks like this.

What it claims (from Blend well into the skin with a light touch. A natural and flawless finish lasts for 8 hours. A powdery foundation formulated with hyaluronic acid that moisturizes the skin, naturally covers unevenness and create beautiful clear skin. Available in 8 shades (only 4 available here though). (Please excuse the weird English, this is copied directly from their website…)

ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation in Shade #21

Damage: 120 Yuan(Refill – 90 Yuan, Case – $30 Yuan), equivalent to approximately $19CAD for 10 grams

Instructions: Apply this in light, small strokes while blending into the skin. You can wear this directly on the skin or for over a primer for more even application. You can also apply this dry or with a damp sponge for fuller coverage (although I never do that).

The good: This powder is a little bit heavier than other powder foundations I’ve used, which means it has a pretty good coverage of redness, some scars/spots and pores. Its not as light or as finely milled as other powder foundations, but that just means it won’t completely disappear on you. Coverage can be built, but you will need to start off with a wetter/dewier base. I usually use a little bit more of ZA’s True White Emulsion Plus before this and apply this powder while the emulsion is still a little bit wet/dewy on my face. Because of the dewy base, the powder blends seamlessly into my skin and there is no powder residue if I wipe a Kleenex on it, almost like using it wet.

  • Good coverage of pores, redness and scars/spots (compared to other powder foundations)
  • Coverage is buildable
  • Blends well

The bad: This is probably one of the driest powder foundations I’ve ever used. You really need to properly moisturize your skin before applying this powder or else you’re going to get little lines in your skin where the powder gets stuck to your dry spots. Oil control is mediocre; I have to blot my nose about 1.5 hours in and then my T-zone in about 2-2.5 hours. It definitely does not last 8 hours either. After a few hours it visibly oxidizes on me, but because the saleslady matched the wrong shade on me (its a little bit too light), it oxidizes out to match my skintone quite well. The case itself isn’t too flimsy although its made of plastic but the shiny pink top is a huge fingerprint magnet.

  • Too dry for my combination skin
  • Mediocre oil control
  • Package attracts fingerprints
  • Oxidizes

Overall: The ZA True White Two Way Compact was the first powder foundation that I tried, but after so many years and so many other powder foundations, going back to ZA almost seems like a step back. Of course I can’t really compare this to Jill Stuart or Guerlain, I feel it definitely could have been a little better even if they just milled the powder a little finer. I didn’t include this in my ratings, but I also feel that the sponge they give you can be thrown away, its not very good quality at all. I would recommend this for people who are looking for dry and matte powder foundations. There isn’t much of a glow with this.

  • Product: 7/10
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Value: 3/5
  • Ease of use: 3/5
  • Overall: 17/25 | 68% | B- | ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Would I buy again? Not likely.

Comparison of bare faced before (left) and after application (right) photos (I also did my eyebrows...)

You can visibly see scars, hyperpigmentation and pores in the before photo (left), there are still some spots after application, but its lighter and not as pronounced (right). My skin also looks more matte and muted after application.

There's redness around my nose, pores and more scars on my left cheek (left), its a bit better after application (right)

What do you think, is this a compact foundation you would consider getting?


14 thoughts on “Review & Comparison Photos: ZA Skin Beauty Two Way Compact Foundation

  1. Thank you for this review! It looks great on you, and I like the coverage! But aw, too bad it is dry. I remember when I tried the original one wayyyy back when ZA was still sold in Hawaii, I liked it a lot. I tried the blue and white compact and I liked both of them… I guess maybe it has changed since then? :/

    • Oh I should’ve gotten the regular one for you then! They still have the blue and white compact ones selling but but I thought because it was an “upgraded” version, it would be better…

  2. i was just wondering how much is it for the white or blue compac ? and whats the diffrence ? and how long does it stay on for ? and does it come out quite thick ?

    • I’m not really sure. I bought this in China last year so I don’t know the prices anymore. I found that there really isn’t much of a difference, the white one is just a little bit thicker and provides more coverage than the blue one.

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