New review format!

I’ve installed a new review format on here. I think this one is the best I have so far because its detailed, giving information on both the good and the bad side of each product as well as my overall feelings. I’ve also noticed that I tend to write a lot for each part so I’ve added a point form section under the pros and cons too, so that people who don’t want to read my endless thoughts can skip straight to the main points.

So the main differences from the previous format to the new one include:

  • New point form section underneath the pros and the cons
  • “Damage” section, which will give you info on where I bought the product and how much it was, for reference’s sake
  • Instructions for certain products that may cause ambiguity
  • Detailed ratings with separate points for the product itself, its packaging, easy of use and value, as well as an overall rating. Some people found the previous “hearts” rating to be a little bit confusing so I’m hoping this will be more useful to tell where exactly the product lost points.

I’m also going to try to include more detailed photographs of certain products, especially if I make a specific reference to a certain part of a product. This will give you a better understanding of what exactly I’m talking about (since a picture is worth a thousand words, hehe).

I would appreciate a little feedback though. If you have anything you’d like to point out about my new review format, I would love to hear it from you. Feedback helps me improve what I’m doing so it suits your needs better. I mean, thats the whole point of reviewing products right? So that my lovely readers like you can refer to them when you’re out shopping for certain things.


I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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