Current Obsession: Lucyd Acyd

Lucyd Acyd Illicit Bandage Leggings

Honestly, after that latest leggings fiasco, did you really think I was just gonna end it?

I’ve recently discovered Lucyd Acyd, a clothing brand based in Singapore. They sell trendy, modern clothes at a pretty affordable price. According to reviews, their clothes are pretty good quality too.

They don’t update their stock very often, but when they do its kind of a big deal now. They just posted up on their Facebook profile that their next stock update will be Monday, June 21 at 8:00 PM Singapore time. Can’t wait!

Some of my fave pieces from their newest collection. (Left) Night Realm Blazer & Prism T-shirt in Black; (Middle) Seymour Pixie Dress in Black; (Right) Naive Blouse in Nude & Blow Sheer Skirt in Black

Shipping is kinda high though, at $15SGD for the first item and then each additional item is another added amount. But the clothes themselves are not too bad in terms of price. The leggings were approximately $40CAD after shipping.

Images from Lucyd Acyd


2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Lucyd Acyd

  1. I actually did a sneak peek today, went to ‘ave a butchers at your amazing leggings post again! I love the website but it is very limited. I love it though. When I get my deposit through…LOL

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