Review: Flamingo Mascara

Flamingo Mascara: Transplanting Gel & Fibre

I recently participated in the Flamingo Mascara group order hosted by the lovely Yumeko. I just got around to testing this mascara so I’m sorry for posting up this review so late.

What it claims (from the package): To lengthen your lashes considerably.

Instructions in Chinese

Damage: I bought this from Yumeko for $7 + $4 shipping from Hong Kong to China.

Instructions: This mascara comes with two tubes, one is a transplanting gel which is almost like your traditional mascara except it is thick and somewhat viscous, similar to the consistency of honey. The other tube is dry fibres, which is what is used to create that length. Apply a layer of transplanting gel followed by a layer of fibres. Continue until you get your desired effect (usually 3-5 layers of each are applied).

Black Transplanting Gel

Dry Fibres

The good: It does do what it claims and my eyelashes have lengthened considerably by using this mascara. It also feels virtually weightless even after 5 applications (1 layer of transplanting gel and 1 layer of fibre per application), which makes it a good alternative for false lashes. It removes relatively easily with just a bit of warm water.

  • Lengthens very nicely
  • Weightless
  • Good alternative for false lashes
  • Removes easily

The bad: There is no volume, even after 5 applications, if you want a mascara that offers some volume this is not the one for you. Because there was no volume, it still made my lashes look sparse even with all the length. I also found with my Panasonic electric curler that it doesn’t curl as well with heat, so you may need to use a conventional curler before application to get the best results. The biggest con I would have to say is that it is extremely time consuming. Usually it takes me no more than a minute to apply mascara on both eyes and then another minute or two to curl with my heater curler, but with this mascara it took me about 5 minutes just for one eye. I don’t know if this is something I will have time to do every morning, but its definitely worthwhile for weekends and special events. I also noticed after a bit that it doesn’t hold up the curl; my lashes started to droop after just 30 minutes.

  • Very time consuming
  • No volume
  • Doesn’t hold curl

Overall: While I do like the fact that Flaming Mascara helps to lengthen my lashes nicely, I often need more than just length but volume as well, which this mascara lacks. This is a great mascara on its own, but compared to others that I have used and are currently using, this mascara really doesn’t compare in terms of curling power (which I need for my stick straight Asian lashes), volume and ease of use. I recommend Flamingo Mascara for people who really want want an easier alternative to false lashes and don’t mind spending a little extra time on their mascara.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 3/5
  • Overall: 20/25 | 80% | B | ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Would I purchase again? No

After 5 applications.

For reference, my nekkid eyes =)

My lashes are actually not that short, they're just really straight...

And my eyelids are thick and heavily hooded, which hides 2/3 of my lashes underneath them.


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