Review: How strawberry foam hair curlers can make you bald

I recently bought a pack of 4 large strawberry foam curlers from a local accessories store. I’ve been wanting to perm my hair but after some chatting with fellow bloggers Eve and Jamilla, I was convinced that perming really damages hair. I concluded that don’t need any more hair damage due to the torture that it goes through constantly from my dyeing. So I went out and bought the strawberry foam curlers (because the yellow tennis ball ones were really ugly).

Anyways, you know that claim that they won’t damage your hair? Well its all a LIE!

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever manually pulled out so much hair from my scalp, it seriously hurt like a b***t.

So basically what you do is you roll the hair around the strawberry and secure it in place via the little nook thats carved to the side of the strawberry. There’s your first two problems: when you roll your hair around the strawberry it becomes a HUGE mess, of course unless you use some wax or gel to keep your hair smooth and “stuck together,” and it doesn’t secure at all into the little nook, its not cut deep enough to fit hair thats any more than a few strands.

I did this when my hair was wet so it curled better around the foam and won’t turn into this tangled mess, even though it sort of stayed in place, it was in danger of uncurling at any moment because it won’t secure.

Now comes the scary part: when you’re trying to get the strawberries out. You need to be really careful when you’re pulling it off because even though I was doing it in the opposite direction of how I put it in, you need to do it slow or else it will tangle. In all of the 3 time I used this, it tangled and I ended up fiercely pulling more than a few dozen strands of hair out from each strawberry.

The good thing is it does curl (if you put your hair in wet, it works less well when hair is already dry), and they’re quite natural IMHO, but I wouldn’t go through the trouble of using these again. At least they didn’t cost me so much since it was only approximately $1.50 for 4 strawberries.

  • Product: 6/10
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Value: 5/5
  • Ease of use: 1/5
  • Overall: 16/25 | 64% | C | ❤ ❤
  • Would I purchase again? No

One thought on “Review: How strawberry foam hair curlers can make you bald

  1. I think the technique is wrong. Coz sponge curlers are soft and i have no problems with my hair getting tangled or falling off.

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