Finally got my replacement camera charger!

I finally got my replacement camera charger, which means… pictures galore! I took a bunch of random photos before my camera died, now you get everything in one post. Most of it is just stuff I bought and some more outfits…

The two shirts on the left are new, love the sequined heart shirt <3. The plum blouse is from EDC and was probably one of the most expensive articles of clothing I bought this summer...

Lucky cat keychain.

Lucky cats are so cute ❤

This sequin heart shirt goes with everything! My love, Jay Chou, is also the spokesperson for this brand ❤

The cute shirt that was featured on my blog before.

An off-the-shoulder top that I fell in love with on first sight.

New haircut! I just got it trimmed and my layers defined, nothing too exciting.

Another angle of new haircut.

Light jacket, perfect for the summer months.

The sequined heart shirt with the summer jacket.

Cotton blazer with fur trim. So comfy and it makes me look slimmer, hehe.

New down jacket for the cold winter months! I'll likely be keeping this to wear in Vancouver as I have my huge one for Kingston.

Last but not least, Hello Kitty stuff I bought at Watsons. Pore strips and the LE HK x Maybelline mascara.


4 thoughts on “Finally got my replacement camera charger!

    • I can try to see if they are still in stock at Watsons for you! I got them a few weeks ago, but they’re relatively expensive compared to other stuff here so I doubt they will sell out that fast =)

  1. Congrats Sheila for being so successful on wordpress! 😉
    Hm, seems that wordpress is much more convenient than blogger! In terms of comments section and being able to upload images big-sized rather than being shrinked like blogger does. :/

    Do you know, if I’m able to export exactly the same blog layout (template) that I’m using on blogger right now?

    Back to the main topic! I love the shirts you got – especially that with the cute girl print! The black light looks awesome too! So nice to see your pretty face again, Sheila! 😉

    • Aww thanks Jess!

      The reasons you said were exactly my reasons for moving to WordPress! But sadly, no you cannot export the blog layout unless you either pay extra for the custom CSS editor or you get your own domain which you would be using wordpress software from instead of the blog. I’m going to be doing that when I find more time after my LSATs.

      WP definitely takes a lot of getting used to but there are lots of benefits to using it that I’m slowly starting to see now.

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