Swatch/mini-Review: Yves St. Laurent Golden Gloss in 20 Golden Macademia

I bought the YSL Golden Gloss in 20 at Heathrow Duty Free after looking at Temptalia’s swatches and swatching it in person with Jess in Vienna. I had been looking for a nice milky, nude lip gloss to go over my nude lipsticks and this one is really good for that purpose. The gloss is very nicely pigmented, and on my very-pigmented lips it still shows a lot of colour and tones down my original lip colour. The name Golden Gloss is perfect for it as it really is shimmery and gold. It also makes my lips really plump looking, while still being non-sticky. The best thing about it is that I found the gold shimmer doesn’t travel into my lip lines, which makes it perfect for girls, like me, who have many deep lip lines.

There are some downsides though. First, I really dislike the applicator. It is a brush applicator, but unlike other brush applicators, this one is shorter and firmer, which although it can give a more precise application it doesn’t apply a lot of product. This means you’ll likely have to dip it back in the gloss and reapply over the same areas over and over again, which can be unsanitary especially if you’re touching up during the day.

Second, which is one of my important factors, it smells really funky. I know its not old because Heathrow has very high turnover in its products, and because this product is LE for Spring so it must’ve not been there that long. If you asked me to describe the smell, I would say an overly synthetic tropical scent, like mangos or lychees. Not to mention because it is a lip gloss, the scent lingers on and on and on…

Weighing the goods and bads, I still say I really like this lip gloss. I can’t wait to pair it with some of my favourite nudes like MAC Myself lipstick and Benefit Lady’s Choice.


7 thoughts on “Swatch/mini-Review: Yves St. Laurent Golden Gloss in 20 Golden Macademia

  1. Thanks for the lip swatch! Def. gonna order this next chance I get hehe. I agree about the scent, it’s kinda overly fruity… but I guess it doesn’t linger for me so it’s okay. Looks great on you! I didn’t think it would be so pigmented! I have #10 and it goes on basically clear w/ glitter on my lips 😦 buuut it’s still so pretty though lol!

  2. Goldne Macadamia is a gorgeous color indeed! Hehe, yep the overly fruity scent of YSL’s lipglosses is the main reson for I haven’t purchased any until now. 😉

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