Randoms food pics from China + First week of purchases!

Its only been a week since I’ve been back in China and it already feels like forever! I’ve been eating a lot of good food lately, so I just wanted to show you a little bit of the stuff that I’ve been devouring. I just went out for Korean BBQ and later I’m gonna go for Hot Pot! I love this no-school, no-work life, although I’m kind of scared I’m going to turn even more lazy… Plus I need to study for the LSATs soon!

Last week, my cousin took me out for ramen. This is probably the most authentic ramen I’ve had, even my aunt who used to live in Japan said so. Its just very generic ramen with thick stock, nothing special about it, but it was so good…

And on the side we had… cucumbers. Yeah I know, kind of random, but I like cucumbers =)

My cousin also ordered “cold tofu;” its like soft tofu mixed marinated in soy sauce and green onions. Its probably the easiest way to eat tofu but its SO good!

And we also had chicken skewers. This wasn’t very good, too greasy for my taste.

Me with my ramen =) I’ve just been wearing very simple makeup lately, just powder foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara and lipstick/gloss. Its with family, so I’m not too picky about how I look.

This is kind of random, LOL. Its just deep fried pork ribs, nothing special. What I found random of it was the apple shape made around it with cucumbers…

My first big haul of the summer! I got all of this from Watsons, which is a drugstore here in Asia, I believe they also have stores in Latvia or something. Its my fave drugstore in the world because they carry a ton of really good stuff. I love their face masks, its cheap and very effective.

Clothes!! Everything is on sale right now, there are stores being clearanced at 70% off =___= I dunno if they’re just marking the original prices too high or what, because EVERYTHING is on sale… I bought a cute pink cardigan, a light sweater dress and a black + red pokadot skirt.

And I bought the CUTEST shoes in the WORLD! Isn’t it CUTE??? Its totally not my type, but whatever, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They were like $380RMB, or $55CAD, which is pretty pricey for this type of no-name shoes, but my cousin had a $2000RMB gift card from there, so she got it for me~

With my very generous cousin’s gift card, I also got another Olay mask. This one is a jelly wash-off mask, which will be good for after-sun repair especially in the hot summer days.

Speaking of hot and sun, I’m off to Hainan for a few days starting next weekend! My cousin gets 12 days off for May 1st International Labour Day, so we’re going to be spending 5 of those days in Hainan, which is the Hawaii of the Orient or something like that. Its going to be super hot and super sunny (apparently there is less pollution), so I bought this humongous straw hat to keep me sorta in the shade. It even has a cute bow on it. You can see the humongous-ness of it by comparing it with my hand…. if that doesn’t give you a good idea of how big it is, I estimate it has a 50cm diametre…

That’s it for my random update! I hope you guys are having a great weekend; what did you end up doing?


15 thoughts on “Randoms food pics from China + First week of purchases!

  1. awww, your watson store sounds nice… sadly the items that available in your watson doesn’t seems to appear at all in my local watson >.<
    But… I’m excited with the foodssss and the hauls….

  2. Ur sooo lucky, in my hometown local watsons, there is not a single my beauty diary mask in sight!

    I went back to China for a month in February, your pics make me so homesick:-( Though I can see you are having a good time! The clothes are lush and do report back on the olay wash off mask^^

  3. Hey Kelly!

    Sorry I think I confused you… haha. I didn’t get the MBD mask at Watsons, I got it at this other store that was near Watsons. Watsons store brand masks are my fave though still, even more than MBD =)

  4. Wow, 70% off??!! You have got to be kidding me! Wow! And those shoes are super cute!

    And everything you ate, looks soooo good! My mom makes that tofu once in a while, and it is good!!! 😀

  5. MMmmm the food looks so good! Esp. the tofu 😀 Hehe that apple shape is super cute. Awesome hauls! It sucks that we have no good drugstores like that here ~_~ Wow and the clothes for 70% off?! :O

    Aww and omg, you did not have to get me anything! >__< You are too sweet!<3 ^.^

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