Willkommen in Wien!

After Prague, we took a train to Vienna. We were only to be in Vienna for a day and a half so we tried to make good use of the time. On the first day, we went to the Schloss Schonbrunn, which is Schonbrunn Palace, basically the summer vacation spot of the Habsburg family. Pictures were not allowed inside, but we took a few outside =) Above is me with Kathleen and Alex, both Queen’s Commies like me.

There was another Easter Market taking place just in front of the palace. They sold traditional Viennese food, but I didn’t buy anything as we were going to eat dinner soon.

Random shot of Coca-Cola. If you know me well, you know that I only drink Coke, never Pepsi. I just don’t like the taste of Pepsi, Coke is much better *insert advertisement*.

For dinner, we had the traditional Viennese Schnitzel (aka Wiener Schnitzel). It was pretty good, but somewhat dry…
Desert was, of course, Apple Strudel.

That night we had tickets to go see a ballet at the Staatsoper, which is the State Opera House.

We saw a Midsummer’s Night Dream. It was pretty good apart from the fact that our tickets were only 8 euros so our seats were complete nosebleed seats…

Me with my ticket!

Entrance! There were a ton of people, a full house actually, which was expected of shows like this. Sadly, most people we saw were dressed up, we were definitely not.

We sat to the very side, and in the back too, so the stage was only half visible…

Alex and Yiran.

Inside the hall.

The next morning, I was scheduled to meet Jess around noon for lunch, so before then we just went for a stroll. If you know Vienna, you know that it is a very musical city with a lot of very famous musicians who resided and worked there. We saw random stars on the sidewalks with famous musician names and autographs. Here is Bach…

And Schubert. Sadly, I did not run in Mozart, who is one of my all-time favourite composers.

The beautiful streets of Vienna. It reminds me a lot of London, actually.

After lunch with Jess at a Japanese restaurant (I had just had Schnitzel the night before, and Jess didn’t want me to overeat it, since it wasn’t very healthy and quite dry, LOL), we went to Stephansplatz for some shopping and a little bit of sightseeing, but mostly shopping. Jess took me to this pretty store that sold cosmetics and skincare and we were in there for about an hour swatching everything and checking everything out. I ended up with 2 things, the Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EDT and a Diorsnow White Reveal D-NA Reverse Intensive Concentrate for night.

We also went to St. Stephan’s Cathedral (aka Stephansdom) for some pictures, just to say I went XD

Inside Stephansdom was mostly like other cathedrals. Dark and very intricately carved out.

It was SO sunny that day, like really bright and pretty.

Stephansplatz is very touristy, everywhere we saw mostly tourists, not many locals at all.

Jess was very gracious and offered to take lots of pictures of me, danke Jess!!

We saw these random guys in old fashioned costumes promoting operas, ballets and symphonies. It was pretty cute actually XD

After Stephansdom, we went for afternoon tea at this really famous place near the cathedral. Jess is so gorgeous!!

I had some Viennese coffee, it was pretty good!

We also had some cream cake, no idea what its called, but it was really good, soft and fluffy =D

And chestnut cake too!

Jess had some tea, it was really cutely set up with various instruments to make the perfect cup of tea. This looks even more complicated than tea in London…

Me in the cafe, it was a really nice cosy cafe with many people just lounging around and talking.

All gone! It was really good, better than tea in England I must say, haha =P

After tea, we shopped around some more, looked at more makeup and then went off to meet the rest of my travel buddies and her boyfriend for dinner. She took us to this local joint that served authentic Viennese food. I had the HUGE piece of turkey stuffed with cheese and ham, it was SO good. Plus there was authentic Viennese salad, which is probably one of the best salads I’ve ever had, everyone loved it.

Our food table. All of the servings were ginormous. It wasn’t very expensive either, like maybe 12-14 euros for food + drink. I didn’t even finish my portion, only had half.

That was the last night in Vienna. After dinner, we left on an overnight trip to Zurich. Pictures of Zurich, Interlaken and other randoms will come later after I manage to snatch some photos from my friend’s camera…

Jess was super generous and gifted me with lots of goodies! I felt so bad because I didn’t bring her anything since I was trying to travel light… I know I’m such a bad friend. I’ve already sent a small pack of stuff, hopefully she got it okay, and more will be coming her way soon, muahahaha.


8 thoughts on “Willkommen in Wien!

  1. I love the ballet. It’s great you got to see A Midsummers Night Dream, even if you were in the back. Aww you and Jess look so beautiful! I’m totally jealous of your vacation pics!

  2. These are lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing, Sheila! 😉

    Seeing the Apfelstrudel you had, I’m craving for some right now, haha… either with warm vanilla sauce or whipped cream, yummy!

    Argh, my hair looked horrible that day! :p

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