Shakespeare & Goulash ❤

I left for Prague on Sunday, March 28, 2010. The day before though, I went to London and met up with Jamilla for some shopping at Westfield. The next day I went to meet up with my friend and housemate from Kingston, Kathleen, for some food and touring Shakespeare’s Globe before we both jetted off to Praha for a few days. For lunch, we had ramen =D. It wasn’t the type of ramen I love with the rich stock, but this was pretty good.
Me with a miniature model of Shakespeare’s Globe. This isn’t the original Globe theatre as it burned down a long time ago. This Globe was modeled after the original one.
Inside the Globe Theatre.
Me and high school classmate/friend, university classmate/friend and housemate, Kathleen.
Timeline of major events that coincided with Shakespeare’s works in history.
After the Globe, we went to King’s Cross station to take pictures of Platform 9 and 3/4. Yes its really there, but its not between platforms 9 and 10 because there is no platform there, its just rail tracks. Platform 9 and 3/4 is actually between platforms 8 and 9. Ironic, haha.
Here is me at St. Pancras International Train Station waiting to board a train to Luton Airport, which should take us to Praha =)
Arrived safely in Praha at 11:00 PM after a 1 hour flight delay.
We stayed in a loft apartment. It was very cosy with a nice living room area.
Bed was up top, dining table and bathroom was to the side.
It also came with a fully functioning kitchen. This place wasn’t too bad at 35 Czech Kronas a night per person, perfect for a longer stay as it was also right next to Wenceslas Square and within walking distance to all of the major sites.
First thing we did was check out Wenceslas Square. There wasn’t anything too special about it, but picture moment was still required.
For lunch we had soup with goulash and dumplings. This was recommended to me by the lovely Jamilla, however we were quite confused at what the dumplings were. Our meal came with light bread that we dip, but being Asian we assumed that dumplings must be like real Asian dumplings, but no, it was just the bread XD
The soup was really good, like a strong egg-drop soup. There was a LOT of bread, and I noticed the Czechs preferred sour bread.
Goulash and Dumplings. It was REALLY good even though it wasn’t what we had expected. And the price? Just a mere 3 euros for the entire 3 course meal, included pineapple cake for desert.
Out on the shopping district during the day. This was the really modern part of Prague.
We were walking to Old Town’s Square and here is one the very pretty streets.
Me at the very famous Astronomical Clock. Every hour it would make strange noises and a guy, a real man, would come out of the top of the clock tower, play some notes on his trumpet and wave his arms around. It was pretty interesting. And then everyone would cheer and he would come back the next hour.

Since it was Easter, there were the Easter Markets that were taking place. We saw these all over Prague and in some parts of Vienna too.

Here is the very famous Charles Bridge. Much of it is under construction though, which wasn’t really good for photography purposes.

More Charles Bridge.

Here is “Little Venice” as they call it in Prague. It does look like Venice, so pretty =D

We rode the tram up to Prague Castle. It started to rain as we were approaching it so we decided to take the tram instead of walk the entire way. It was only like 75 Euro cents to ride it, which was really cheap. A 24-hour ticket cost only 4 euros (compared to London, which costs £8-ish and isn’t really valid for 24 hours, just valid for that day).

Up at Prague Castle. The gothic looking building is actually the French-style cathedral.

Our tour guide with Kathleen’s back. This courtyard houses the important buildings in the Czech government, the president works on the 2nd floor here.

French-Gothic-Style cathedral. It was pretty, but nothing I haven’t seen before, aka Notre Dame. LOL

Me in front of it to prove that I was actually there…

Beside it there is this little medieval-like village. Its mostly for tourists as all of them were shops selling souvenirs and other Czech stuff.

When we were walking around there we saw this crazy skull sculpture. I just had to take a picture.

The top of Prague! Its so pretty with its red roofs and low skyline, you can see very far.
Red roofs!
Later that night we went shopping at the largest shopping mall in the Czech Republic called Palladium. It was pretty big, but again nothing I’ve not seen before. It had about 220 stores, many of them just really random. I bought an H&M blouse from the garden collection, but that was it.
The next day, we just had a really relaxing day walking around and enjoying the city. The sun came out that day and was quite warm and sunny, so I had a great time. It was also this day that I found MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach. This baby was sold out all over the world, including North America, UK, Switzerland, Taiwan and HK, but I found it here in Prague (not that surprising, actually, LOL). It was a few dollars more than the Canadian prices, but I’m not complaining.
Here is me in front of the National Museum. We didn’t go inside, didn’t look that interesting…
We went back to the Easter Markets and saw a GIANT Easter Egg.
Me in front of one of the guard towers holding my Venti cup of Starbucks Iced Caramel Macciato with extra caramel.
At night we went to check out the State Operahouse. Its gorgeous at night being right beside the river.
Me sitting in front of the State Operahouse.
Prague streets at night.
You can see the very brightly lit up Prague Castle in the background.
Prague at night is just gorgeous.
And that is it for the touristy photos of Prague. Vienna, Zurich and Interlaken to follow soon!
BTW, here is a picture of my purchases on this trip. I believe this was all of it… It includes Prague, Vienna and Zurich/Interlaken.

I got a Diorsnow White Reveal D-NA Reverse night concentrate (Vienna), Chanel Chance Eau Tendre EDT (Vienna), Wenger Classic 07 Swiss Army Knife (Interlaken), MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach (Prague), hand-painted Easter egg (Prague) and Mozart balls (yes, apparently thats what they’re called, from Vienna; they’re these chocolate balls with various layers of different filling with a marzipan centre, I got one bag from Jess but when out and bought some more to give relatives) and white H&M Blouse from the Garden Collection (Prague).

Here’s a close-up of MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach. This is sold out everywhere to the point that its no longer on the UK website (they took it off). Its so pretty isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Shakespeare & Goulash ❤

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sheila! I enjoyed every picture!

    Hmm… the Goulash you had in Prague looks different to what we are used to have in Austria, hehe… but still yummy! Yep, sour break is also preferred here in Austria (and Germany)! I know, many Asians don’t like it, but I do, hehe…

    The MAC blush looks lovely! So glad, you could get it! 😉

  2. those pictures are nice. Thank you so much for putting so many pictures in your post because it totally make me feel the overseas excitement and culture…. i really love it

    nice blush ❤

  3. FABULOUS Pics of Praha!! I didn’t manage to make it to the Castle, but hell, I was on a business trip!

    I see that you ate the Goulash and dumplings, very good! You’ve just gotta have local food.

    Can’t wait for the Austria and Zurich pics–and thanks for meeting up with me at Westfield–it was great to spend time with you!

  4. Hey Jojoba!

    I’m glad it worked out for you! I never really think of mixing foundations, I guess I’m too lazy, haha. If I can’t find my shade, then its completely off my purchase chart XD

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