Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation… my inexpensive alternative to Guerlain foundation!

I recently discovered Bourjois in person. I’ve seen the pictures of the pretty baked eyeshadows and blushes in magazines but because its not widely available in Canada, I’ve never tried it out for myself. Well, Bourjois is available at almost every drugstore here so I finally got my chance!

Just recently, Bourjois released a new line of base products called Healthy Mix. There is a foundation and a concealer. After swatching it at Boots, I instantly decided to buy it.

The concept of Healthy Mix Foundation is that there are fruit extracts to mimic the effects of skincare:

Apricot > Radiance
Melon > Hydration
Apple > Anti-oxidant
Ginger > Energy

Also, they claim that it is very long-lasting, with perfect wear up to 16 hours.

I purchased this product in shade 53, which is a light beige (Beige Clair).

When it is blended out, you can barely see that there is any foundation there at all; it is very natural.

My FOTD from a few days ago, you can check out the product breakdown here.

The good:
The product comes in plastic bottle with a vacuum pump. The pump is very convenient to get the right amount of product; I use about one and a half pumps to do my entire face and chin and blended down onto my neck.

The first thing I noticed when I applied this is how light and smooth it is. After it dries, it basically melts into my skin, creating an invisible mask that is almost weightless. The coverage is medium but buildable. It does a good job at covering most of my lighter scars, but some of the darker spots and scars would probably do better with a bit of concealer. Additionally, pore coverage is not bad, but a base would probably make it better.

It does make my skin look incredibly radiant, but compared with the radiance that my Guerlain Parure Extreme gives me, this is more dewy, which can translate into oily and shiny for some oily-skinned people. The Guerlain foundation was matte, but still made me look naturally radiant. Even though I know I shouldn’t be comparing a $60CAD foundation with a $14ish CAD (£9) foundation, I really felt that in many of the other aspects this Bourjois foundation is really comparable to Guerlain.

Oil control is also fantastic. I didn’t blot my face for an entire day, approximately 14 hours, and even though it looked shiny, it wasn’t really oily like usual. This doesn’t clog my pores or make me break out either, which are always pluses.

The bad:
I had it on for 14 hours, which is already incredibly long for a foundation, but because they claimed it to last up to 16 hours I had to try to leave it on for as long as possible. Well, it doesn’t last 16 hours, I think 12 is probably the max it will go. After that the oils will just suck up the foundation making it look muddy. But I think 12 is already good enough as usually we don’t wear makeup for more than that (unless its a special occasion or you’re going clubbing or something).

Also, I really dislike that there is no sun protection in here. Although I usually apply a base with sun protection in it anyways, I still prefer have a little bit of protection in my foundation just in case I get lazy with a base or something. I guess that is just personal preference though. My Guerlain foundation has an SPF of 25 and PA++. It also smells kind of fruity-floral-ish, but it can get somewhat strong and might be overpowering if you are sensitive to smells. I love fresh scents so I’m okay with it at first but after you’ve had it on your face for a bit, it can get kind of annoying…


I really like this foundation. The coverage is great and it really does make me look radiant without looking oily. Even though I do have my Guerlain foundation, I only got it because it was free with points redemption at Shoppers Drug Mart. I don’t think I’ll ever personally spend $60 on foundation just because I don’t wear it as often as I probably should, so this is the perfect alternative. The sad thing is that there is limited distribution, up to now it is only available in Europe and UK. But I do think that they will be releasing this in North America too as it really is an awesome product. I bought it at Boots on sale for £9 but regular price is £11, for 30mL (1 oz). It also comes with a concealer which looks really good so I might get it too. I will definitely buy this again, if I ever finish the foundations I currently have… =)

Ingredients(click to enlarge):

My score: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


17 thoughts on “Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation… my inexpensive alternative to Guerlain foundation!

  1. shut up! shut up! i hate you!
    now I’m lemming for this cos it seems like the perfect summer foundie T.T
    Noooooo! I promised myself I’ll try out mineral foundations this summer! YES!I’ll keep reminding myself this!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Jojoba, I got shade 52 when I was at Boots with Sheila,so I think that 53 will be ideal for the slighter darker you.

    It’s a great foundation, and even better for dry skins.

  3. I live in Canada and I saw this foundation today at the local drugstore!! I was looking at it and was saying to myself… “hmm, I saw this somewhere”. Then I remember the picture you posted. Came back to read what you had to say about it… and the foundation seems to be pretty good according to you! Maybe I should try it out when I finish my MAC foundation.

    Thanks for the review! ^^


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    • Hi Jenn. I think it’s the fruits and also the Healthy Mix Serum is supposed to be more of a gel versus this one, which is more creamy. I haven’t tried the Healthy Mix Serum so I can’t give you a definitive answer, sorry. You should get it off ASOS, they have it for a good price =)

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