Review: Gel de la Mer: the moisturizing gel cream

I was at Selfridges a few weeks ago and my hands were dry from the winter air so I decided that I needed some hand cream. I saw the La Mer counter there and thought that I should try Creme de la Mer just to see what the fuss is about. I rubbed some on my hands as hand cream (wasteful, I know…) and it just felt so thick and greasy, didn’t absorb well at all. If this is what it felt like on my hands, I didn’t want to know what it would feel like on my face. Well, the lovely saleslady there approached me and asked me if there was anything in particular I was looking for, and I asked her if there was anything for hydration that suited my age. She replied that Creme de la Mer is not really an age-specific product, there are the age-specific anti-aging products, but Creme de la Mer is suitable for anyone who needs that extra boost of moisture. I told her that it felt too greasy on me, so she recommended Gel de la Mer instead. She said that it had all of the properties of the original cream, including the Miracle Broth, it is just a lot lighter and easier to absorb. She gave me a small 3.5 mL sample to take home.

Gel de la Mer is a very light, translucent gel. Its description as “the moisturizing gel cream” is very accurate as it is a thicker gel, almost feels like a cream but still light enough to be a gel (I hope that makes sense). There is a slight scent to it thats very hard to describe, reminds me a lot of the body lotions that my mom would keep in the bathroom when I was a kid, a very nostalgic smell. But to those of you who weren’t in my mom’s bathroom smelling the lotion, it does smell somewhat like old fashioned drugstore lotion. It applies very smoothly and absorbs almost instantly.

The effect is very smooth, soft and supple skin. It offers just the right amount of moisture for me without leaving behind any greasy or sticky feeling or “drying” up my skin once the lotion was absorbed (as like with some other gel moisturizers).

I love the smell of this gel as well as what its doing to my skin, but my only major problem is the price point. Is it really worth £90+ for just 30mL (£291/$450CAD per 100mL) of this stuff?

I compared the effects of this with other gel moisturizers I’ve used in the past and Biotherm Aquasource moisturizing gel comes really close in terms of hydration and after-feel, but Biotherm Aquasource is only something like $45 CAD for 50mL ($90 CAD for 100 mL), one fifth of the price of Gel de la Mer.

And then I was researching the company online, and found this.

I have to admit this stuff works great and I love it, but I’m really not willing to shell out $225 for 50mL of this stuff when I can get Biotherm Aquasource for $45. This means, I’m very unlikely to actually purchase this.

Price aside, I would give this product a score of: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

If I incorporated the price in scoring, relative to other products with the same benefits, I would give this product as score of: ❤ ❤ ❤



5 thoughts on “Review: Gel de la Mer: the moisturizing gel cream

  1. I have desert dry skin, and I’ve tried a number of La Mer products, but none of them were sufficiently moisturizing for me!

    I find that brands like LaRoche-Posay and Avene work much better.

  2. Thanks for the review! I didn’t think the Creme De La Mer would feel greasy! :O And I just read the article… sigh 😦

    I still really want to try their Eye Concentrate though, but ugh, it’s so expensive!

  3. LA MER~

    The most expensive skincare! hahaha I have dipped my finger in a sample/display before too! hahah just because I know that I would never be able to buy it. 😛
    I am happy that it worked for you but yeah…..its PRICEY!

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