Summer 2010: Addicted to Dior

I don’t post up new product releases here anymore because I know you can easily find information about these things elsewhere, but because this is Dior and this is Summer, I must post it up. The Dior Summer 2010 collection has a name that is so appropriate for someone like me, Addicted to Dior.

Addicted to Dior gloss duo (LE):

  • 001 Addicted to Coral (left)
  • 002 Addicted to Pink (right)
5-colour Iridescent Eyeshadow:
  • 649 Ready to Glow (left)
  • 659 Crush Glow (right) (LE)

Additional products:
  • Diorskin Nude Glow Complexion Enhancer: Shimmery peachy highlighter that can be worn alone or under foundation to give a natural glow
  • Crystal Gloss: a clear-pink gloss that adjusts to your body temperature creates a colour that is unique to you
  • 1-colour Eyeshadow in 616 Golden Spotlight

At first when I saw the promo pic, I was SO excited because Dior is the one brand that I look forward to every season. Unfortunately, I felt that the makeup on the girl looked way too pink, and not in a good way either. Nevertheless, I still look forward to this collection, to be released April 21 (probably earlier though, as they always get released earlier than the official date).

I have my eyes on the Addicted to Dior lip gloss duo in probably Addicted to Pink 002, 5-colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in 659 Crush Glow and the Crystal Gloss.

What are you thinking of getting?



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