I’m back! London pics & Haul =) [Super pic heavy]

I got back last night to the castle last night at 6:30ish. I was so exhausted but forced down some food and walked back to residence. There was a reception for upper-year students later so I had to come back and clean up a bit before I left again. By that time I could feel my ankle hurting again, meaning I walked too much this weekend. The reception lasted until 9:30, and I then stumbled back to my room, showered and passed out on my bed with my hair still wet.

I woke up this morning feeling just craptastic. I could barely feel my legs, I was THAT tired. I ended up skipping my geography class because I just couldn’t climb out of bed, literally. I will probably go to the other section tonight to make up for it. But anyways, here are some of the pictures from a weekend in London (I took about 320 pics in total).

To start, the British Museum. I took about 150 odd pictures at the British Museum, most of stuff on exhibition but I didn’t post those up because of copyright. Here are just the pictures of the general structure.

I absolutely love their glass ceiling. It was sorta cloudy on Friday when I went, with a little bit of sun, so it was just perfect because you can see a little bit of sun peeking out from behind the clouds. It was SO gorgeous.
Never miss a chance for the odd shot of myself XD

Isn’t the ceiling just so pretty…?

My friends outside the museum.

Me outside the museum. It started raining after we left, but only for a bit.

Me on Oxford road =)

More Oxford Road!

The next morning at Westminster Abbey. It was such a gorgeous day, and by gorgeous I mean GORGEOUS. Look at that blue sky. I don’t modify my pictures so what you see is what it actually looks like.

This is when we just got out of the Baker Street tube station. That means… we’re off to look for Sherlocke Holmes! Even the walls in the tube station were covered with pictures of his head XD

Sorry for my bad photography skills, my friend has better pictures so I plan on just taking hers.

Back at Oxford Circus.

On the subway…

The escalators are all so steep, I hate riding on steep ones because I’m afraid of falling down.

Third day on the way to Tower of London. That was the uneventful day that many of the tube stations and lines were closed down for engineering work (yeah thats what they called it, not maintenance like we call it in N.A.). We transferred to like 5 different lines/trains but still walked about 45 minutes from the station to the Tower.

The very long walk there…

I love these old buildings, they’re so pretty. It reminds me of old Hong Kong and old Shanghai, but then again, those were probably inspired by it and built by the same people who built these buildings.

A very old looking double decker bus! These are prob the more original ones before the nice ones with the automatic doors came out.

The new glass building beside an older brick building.

Tower of London!!

ER II for Elizabeth Regina II, aka Queen Elizabeth II.

You can see London’s financial district in the back…

Traitor’s Gate! The guy in the costume is a Yeoman Warder (?) who lives and works at the Tower. He was also our tour guide.

You can see Tower Bridge in the background.

The memorial site of the executions that took place inside the Tower of London, specifically the execution of Anne Boleyn.

On our way back to the castle, we’re here at the London Victoria train station. So many people!

And we’re back. Finally, here are my haul pictures!

I got this shirt from River Island. I really like it because it has that military look in the front. LOL.

I also bought a tank dress at Top Shop. It looks kind of weird but it actually looks really good on. The ribbons are stitches on the dress.

And… my Dior haul. I spent £150 on Dior this weekend. I’m kind of regretting my impulsive buying because I know I can get these at the airport for cheaper, but I don’t regret getting them. They are just as beautiful as they looked in the pictures.

I bought 5 bottles of nail polish, the Vintage Rose blush and the Peach Lace powder from the Spring Collection. The nail polish colours, other than 604 Silver Pearl, which is a Spring Collection LE item, are not available in Canada. You actually can’t get Dior nail polish in Canada other than the LE stuff so I made sure to stock up this time around. I noticed that there are a ton of pinks, beiges, purples and corals but almost no other colours like blue. Huh?

Remember when I said that I wasn’t going to get the powder because I already have too many highlighters? Well I got it. When compared with Pink Lace, Peach Lace has much less shimmer and is a lot more wearable as an all-over powder. Pink Lace is just packed with shimmer, even more so that the Shimmer Star powders. Without flash.

With flash.

The Vintage Rose blush is even prettier in person that in the pictures. I have a feeling I will be wearing this blush lots =)

I also bought some Paul & Joe palettes, I bought one for myself and a few more for friends across the oceans.

And of course, more LUSH! I didn’t get anything this time, all for friends & family. I got my brother a wax seal for fun from the Tower of London, and also bought some post cards from Westminster Abbey.

Phew, thats it. I spent 2 hours straight on this post.. hope you enjoyed it!


13 thoughts on “I’m back! London pics & Haul =) [Super pic heavy]

  1. Hi Sheila,
    Enjoy all your new Dior goodies! Dior is always pricey but as long as you get good use out of them, I think they are worth every penny 🙂

    I really miss the shopping in London, especially Oxford Street!

  2. OH WOW, it looks SO beautiful there. I’ve never ever been there before. One day….just one day I will hahahahah

    and I see that you went a little crazy over Dior hahaha JEALOUS…its look so pretty =P Is it cheaper there?

  3. Hey Cydia!

    Its actually not cheaper, about the same when you include the tax in Canada. I know I could’ve gotten it a cheaper at the airport, but I don’t want to risk it being sold out.. thats what happened a few years ago with a Guerlain palette.

    You’re in NYC! I’m sure there are really good stuff there too =D

  4. Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous Dior haulie! All nail polishes are super pretty!! I can’t wait to get my hands on that Dior face powder too! Will have to wait until March, when I’m back to Vienna though. :/

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