Winner of Lush Giveaway!

After checking all of the comments to make sure they abided by the rules, the winner of the Lush giveaway is…


Her comment:
I’m lemming for LUSH, but it isn’t available at here at all. how sad huh!
the only LUSH I’ve tried is snowcake, i like it so much. I found out it is pricy as the currency rate exchange @.@
anyhow, I will like to try something sweet, cause’ the sweet scent help me sleep well !

enter me in the giveaway please~

I’ll be getting you the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub because you want something sweet =) Hope you like it!

I’ve already contacted you, please e-mail me your address so I can mail you the gifties!

Congrats ning*star!

3 thoughts on “Winner of Lush Giveaway!

  1. ^^ Hi, Sheila <3!!!
    Love your photos!
    & the scenes are soooo pretty!!
    Really jealous of you going there!
    And more Dior collection?? awww
    That’s every girl’s dream!!
    I love reading your blogs haha
    Always so fun ^^
    p.s. I sat with your mom in the temple last Sunday, and she looked so tired. = ( Maybe she misses you too much.
    Hope to see you soon!!

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