Oxford Cultural Trip photos!! [super pic heavy]

I went to Oxford yesterday with the rest of my school for a day trip. We had an organized tour in the morning with an actual Oxford-resident tourguide, and in the afternoon we got some free time. We did a tour of many of the colleges of the University of Oxford, the oldest English speaking university in the world.

The above picture is of the Ashmolean Museum which is a social sciences museum.

Below is me with two of my very close friends from here, Sichen and Lizzy. Sichen is from Vancouver like me and going to UBC, and Lizzy is from Fudan University in Shanghai.

Below is the Martyr’s Memorial. According to the tour guide, three Anglican bishops (?) were burnt at the stake here during the time of Queen Mary (ie. Bloody Mary) because she wanted to change England back into Roman Catholic (England became Anglican after the Reformation during Henry VIII’s time when he wanted to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn).

Below is the Eagle and Child pub where famous writers such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien visited often. They were both students of the University of Oxford.

Some library, can’t remember what it is, lol. I believe it is a science library.

This I remember =D You have probably heard of the Rhodes Scholarship. Well if you are a genius and win a Rhodes Scholarship, you can come get your Ph.D at the University of Oxford. I remember this well because one of my favourite professors at Queen’s is a Rhodes Scholar. He went to the University of New South Wales and graduated first from his class for Law/Commerce and then went on to do his Ph.D at Oxford.
Another picture of Rhodes House. The place was gated so we couldn’t get closer, but it looks splendid, as did all of the Oxford buildings.

Another college. If you didn’t know, Oxford University is made up of 38 different colleges. Each college doesn’t have a specialization and only host about 400-600 students. Teaching is done mainly tutorial style, which one professor to one or few students. University of Toronto in Canada is based on the University of Oxford, but I know for sure their teaching is definitely not done one-to-one… The picture below is a residence building. Can you imagine living in that??? wow

A piece of the old city walls. Apparently Oxford used to be completely fortified with walls to keep out the Viking invaders, which is another reason why the University of Oxford was set up there because it was well protected.

This was at the Turf Tavern, a list of the famous people who’ve been there. Apparently all of the last 25 Prime Ministers of Britain were Oxford graduates.

You see that big round treetop there? Well that tree and the area around it was used in Harry Potter. If you think back to the 4th movie, there was a part where Mad-Eye Moody turns Draco Malfoy into a ferret. Draco was sitting in that tree when he jumped down and got changed. Most of the inside scenes of Harry Potter were filmed at Oxford.

Another Harry Potter building. The main foyer of this building was used for the hospital wing in the first film, and the scene where Prof. McGonagall teaches ballroom dancing to the Griffindor students in the 4th film.

Me standing in the beautiful doorway of the same building.

A quaint little street in Oxford. I’ve come to notice that many of English towns look quite similar. Oxford is probably the biggest city that I have encountered so far, apart from London.

The covered market.

The mainstreet in Oxford, Cornmarket Street. It was here that I got my Lush products.

More of Cornmarket St. It was SO busy, it has been so long that I’ve seen so many people, I really miss the crowds =(

Yup, I went to Debenhams. I was quite disappointed though because the service wasn’t great. I wanted to get nail polish as well as blush from Dior but they were out of everything (although I kind of question that because the lady didn’t really look like she knew what she was doing) And then I went to Chanel and stood there for about 5 minutes just waiting, but no one even said hi to me. Then I went back to Dior and the lady was gone, but I waited for about 10 minutes and she didn’t come back; no one came to help me either. If you thought the department stores in Canada were bad, this is worse. I think I might just go to Selfridges next weekend and stock up there.

I saw the coolest cab, it had the Periodic Table of the Elements on it.

Another view of Cornmarket street.

Cornmarket street at night.

That was my Saturday. On Friday, my Commerce class and I went to visit TAG airport in Farnborough. Its a private business airport for the uber rich. We weren’t allowed to take pictures so I didn’t take any.
I’m going to London next weekend for a full 3 days so I’ll be sure to have lots of pictures to share! And don’t forget to enter into my Lush giveaway, deadline is on Thursday =)
Btw, now that I am deathly addicted to Lush, are there any products that you recommend I must try? I think I’m going to do another haul next weekend when I go to London. My room still smells like Lush, and I LOVE it. Oh and I went to Topshop, twice, but bought NOTHING. Aren’t you proud of me? LOL

9 thoughts on “Oxford Cultural Trip photos!! [super pic heavy]

  1. I am not surprised that debenhams generally are known for their bad customer service. lol. Bobbi brown counters also..Anyway u should score much better luck at selfridges XD

    I love the body butters from LUSH, as well as their skincare and hand creams..Yes I am addicted too! I used to be a whole lot worse though.

  2. I’m sorry you had a bad experience at Debenhams. I loved the store when I was there and the people were so nice and accommodating. Enjoy London! It’s such a fun city to explore (but I personally would never want to live there) and Selfridges is great too. Make sure to stop by Primark! Major wallet damage can be done there (hmm… maybe you SHOULDN’T go to Primark then, lol)

    Oxford is as pretty as usual, it’s so university-esque isn’t it? It’s like “wow this is where great minds went”. If you have time, drop by Edinburgh! So gorgeous and its probably has the most Harry Potter spots anywhere.

  3. Hey, thank you so much for the wonderful photos! I studied at Oxford U for my undergrad from 1996 to 1999. I haven’t been back since I graduated so it was lovely to be able to see what it looks like now through your photos 🙂

    As for Lush, you should definitely try Angels on Bare Skin (face cleanser/scrub), Buffy, You Snap The Whip (body butter) and Honey I Washed the Kids (soap).

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