Problems with ordering online =(

If you read my last entry promoting the Cellnique 20% off event as well as my review of Cellnique’s Skin Action Sebum Gel, you can probably tell that I am a fan of their products, however I am extremely disappointed in their handling of my order, particularly through their 3rd party company responsible for checkout.

Here is a recap of what happened in the past few days:
Monday – I received an email about Cellnique’s 20% off everything promotion. I had been wanting the Skin Action Sebum Gel for a long time so I decided to finally get that as well as their Advanced Bio Renewal Mask. The total to be $88 USD with free shipping. I checked out using Paypal and used my AMEX card. I later checked Paypal to see if the payment had gone through, it went through my credit card as $94.71CAD.
Tuesday – I receive an email from Selina of Cellnique saying that my transaction got canceled because there was a problem with the billing address not matching the one in my account, so I need to resubmit the order. I told her that the $88USD fro the previous day had gone through, and I don’t want to have to pay double for the same products. She confirmed with me that the amount fro the previous day will be refunded back to my card in 7-10 days. I told her thats fine and went and did another order. This time I triple-checked to make sure that the billing address is exactly the same as my credit card billing address.
Wednesday (today) – I receive an email as well as an attachment from Selina saying that because my IP address (it shows that I am in Cambridge, UK) is different from my billing address (Kingston, ON – where live when I’m at Queen’s, 8 months of the year), my order got canceled, again. This time I e-mailed back saying that because I am studying abroad in the UK only for a short period of time, I didn’t change my billing address because I’d then be changing my address like 6 times a year when I move back and forth between cities. This is where it starts to get stupid.
They called my mom. At 6 in the morning.
No wait it gets even more ridiculous. Not only did they call my mom, they asked her to confirm a whole bunch of details about me, like where am I currently, if I was actually in the UK, what I was doing in the UK, etc. They also told her that I spent $88 on stuff. My mom is one of those traditional Chinese moms who freaks out whenever I spend money, so she came on MSN right after she got off the phone with them and was all like “WHAT DID YOU BUY???” after she told me the story, she said that its good that I won’t be buying from there anymore.
I’m turning 21 in a few months, but it feels like I’m still in elementary school with teachers giving the deets about me to my parents. So I sent them another e-mail saying that I was very disappointed in them because not only they had woken my entire house at 6AM, they probably broke some consumer privacy law by giving my information to my mom without my consent (as stupid as that sounds, if I give you my information, you need my consent to give it to anyone else). Plus it is extremely unethical.
I hope Selina or someone does something about this, because they would be losing a very valuable customer in me as I am a huge impulse shopping and I like to throw my money at anything. Plus I now have to wait 2-3 weeks to get my $200 back from them that I already paid. I want to do another order, but I don’t want to have to deal with that 3rd party company >___> Don’t get me wrong, Selina and the rest of Cellnique is really nice and understanding, just the other company irritates me.

[UPDATE 01/21/10] Selina from Cellnique e-mailed me back with an apology:
We would like to apologize on behalf of, which have caused you the inconveniences. The payment has been reinstated and Cellnique will process your order of Skin Action Sebum Gel and Advanced Bio Renewal Masque. We would also send you a retail size of Gentle Foaming Cleanser as a compensation of what has happened.

2checkout has also sent me an explanation:
Thank you for contacting I apologize for any delays and would be happy to assist you with this issue. In an attempt to protect your card from possible fraudulent activity we will often times attempt to do a voice verification as part of our investigation. As you placed the order and gave the contact information we must assume that this is your contact number and not that of someone else. Had you placed your own contact number and not that of your parents you would have been the one receiving the call. Whenever we are unable to speak with the card holder we do give out limited information to protect your rights but do attempt to obtain information to aid in validating the transaction. I apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced. If you need assistance any time feel free to contact us. Thank you once more for contacting and have a great day.

I really appreciate that Selina has stepped up to deal with this issue so quickly. 2checkout kind of hinted that it was my own fault that my info got leaked, even though they had wanted the exact billing information and the number that I gave them was the one that I gave to my credit card company >___> I’m glad that this issue is resolved, but I would still be very hesitant to purchase from Cellnique again if they are still using 2checkout as their checkout method, they should just use Paypal instead of going through a 3rd party. But its not my company and so I won’t be able to do anything about it.

Thank you to everyone who gave me all those nice comments and feedback. Especially to the lovely Diane for giving me the actual info and tips about Paypal and online transactions in general.


14 thoughts on “Problems with ordering online =(

  1. I am so pissed right now reading this. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My husband owns his own business and does a lot of selling online and here are a few things I’ve learned.

    1. If you purchase something online using PAYPAL the SELLER and the PURCHASER (is that a word?) are covered by paypal. As long as the seller ships the item to the address that is on your papypal account, they are covered if anything was to happen. Even if the card was stolen and used the seller does not lose out on the money. Paypal allows you to have a separate shipping address then your billing address (like I do) and they still protect both Seller and Consumer.

    2. Your IP address is not something they should be looking at or going by, like me I do a lot of ordering online from work which is a different IP then my home. 90% of purchases online are made from differen’t IP’s then the billing address.

    3. It is against consumer privacy laws to contact anyone but you to question any purchases made by you. The only time a seller is allowed to do that is if you list someone as a referral to call on your behalf. They are ONLY allowed to call someone YOU have listed!

    Sheila, I’m sorry this happened to you. I also wanted to look in Cellnique for some products but now I will NEVER buy anything from them.

    The worst part, I don’t think you will be credited back the FULL amount because anytime someone uses paypal, paypal takes a fee for using their services meaning you most likely will not get back the full amount you paid.

  2. Hey Diane,

    Thanks for giving me that information, I really needed it. I’m thinking of filing a formal complain even though I’ve already e-mailed them. I’m hoping to get some sort of response through email first though in case they have an explanation or something. I don’t want to make a huge deal out of it but like you said, sometimes it just become unacceptable.

    Thanks again =)

  3. Oh geezus this is terrible. 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I was tempted to buy from this sale but I am now glad that I did not. It sounds like they have horrible business practices.

  4. They CALLED you? That’s definitely a breach of confidentiality. If I were you, I’d never shop there again.

    As someone mentioned above, if you are buying with Paypal both you and the seller are covered. I’ve done TONS of online buying and selling, often several thousand dollars worth at a single time, and I’ve always been able to reclaim any losses as long as I played by Paypal’s rules.

    I’d write them a nice, angry letter, waving words like ‘breach’, ‘legal’ and ‘confidentiality’ around for good measure 🙂

  5. Hey Lisa,

    The issue was resolved and its not Cellnique’s problem, but I will still be super reluctant to buy from them in the future!

    Thanks for your feedback =)

  6. Hey Liza,

    I did, lol, I wrote to them saying that they had unethical business practices and breached consumer privacy. I also told Cellnique that I felt that way about 2checkout. I’m hoping Cellnique will stop using 2checkout because they’re just evil. Maybe in the future they’ll just use Paypal directly instead of going through a middle-person.

    Thanks for your luuuuv~

  7. Coul you please give the address mail of Selina? Cause I’m having a problem with my order too, but, opposite from you, I even could till now receive one feedback from they(CELLNIQUE) by mail.


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