NOTD: Dior Vernis in Pink Dahlia, local pics of the southern coast of England and thoughts…

I did my nails for the first time this year with Dior Vernis in Pink Dahlia. It is a very sheer pink (almost no pigmentation), but packed with lots and lots of iridescent sparkles. Its a really lovely colour and perfect for everyday wear because it is not too loud, but still quite attention grabbing because it is so shimmery. The formula is consistent with all other Dior Vernis formulae, applies very smooth, dries quickly and doesn’t chip.

You might have noticed that I was MIA for the past few days. On Saturday, we went on a local orientation tour and saw parts of the southern coast of England, including Eastbourne, Birling Gap, Brighton, Pevensey Castle and a little quaint English town called Alfriston. Here are some pics:

Birling Gap – about 6 feet of coastline (“cliff”) falls into the water each year, so I’m guessing England shrinks about 6 feet in every direction each year.
It was super rainy, cold and windy that day, so my hair was completely done for the moment I got off the coach. My coat and hair were also soaked by the time I got back.
This is me on the rocky beach. The waves were massive that day, and here is me being attacked by one. The view was amazing though, it reminded me of Shakespeare’s the Tempest, perfect for the occasion.
You can see the massive waves in the background, they were almost as tall as a person.
Me in front of Pevensy Castle, a Roman fort built in the 3rd century. It is basically in ruins now.

My lunch back at the castle (our castle). It was a chicken burger with sauteed onions, salad, coleslaw and fries. It was really good, prob the best lunch I’ve had in a long time, and so balanced too! The coleslaw here is heaven, same with the fat fries =P
This was taken from a Coca-Cola bottle. When I saw this, I wondered what were the vegetable extracts in this??

In the afternoon we went for a historical castle tour, where we had an actual tour guide give us info about the historical happenings in the castle. Above is the castle dungeon… yeah.
The staircase in the Elizabethan room was once walked on by Elizabeth the first herself =D
The end.
Now, some thoughts. I’ve been really busy lately, and just always tired, I don’t know why. I think I might be coming down with something, which is really killing my motivation to blog… but nevertheless, I will try to update as often as possible, I know that in February I will be away from my computer for a least 10 days (for the midterm trip to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris), and then in March I’m in Barcelona. And then I’ll be in China starting in April for 4 months which means I’ll be going on even less since Blogger is blocked there. But I’m currently experimenting with e-mail blogging which means you will be getting updates, maybe just less than now. Anyways, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to let me know. Support from you guys means the world to me, so I thank you very much =)

8 thoughts on “NOTD: Dior Vernis in Pink Dahlia, local pics of the southern coast of England and thoughts…

  1. They’re not fries, they’re CHIPS!xD
    The English are really known for their food lol.
    I would guess that the “vegetable extract” is coca extract?
    Wow!seems like you have a very exciting journey ahead of you!keep us all informed!

  2. Love the pale pink sparkly nail polish on you a lot, Sheila!! Ahh… it looks so chilly in the photos, but I see you were really wrapped up warm, hehe… I hope you had lots of fun!

  3. Hey nunu!

    Haha, yeah Chips!! English food has been okay so far, but not much variety. But then again, I’m sure if I ate Korean or Chinese food everyday, I’d get sick of it pretty fast too XD

    Thanks for your comment!

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