More pictures of my room, castle grounds, snow & FOOD!

Here are some pictures of my room! Unfortunately I don’t live in the castle (sad…), I live in a residence building about a 5 minute walk uphill from the castle. I have a roomie, Ally, she is really nice. Up top is my bed, below is my desk. I’m only here for 3 months, which means I am too lazy to decorate my room, but Ally has her side decorated.
Our closets, the one with the big suitcase on it is mine. You can also see my beauty products on my bed side table. I like having them near me, hehe.
This is the morning after the huge snowfall that you’ve all probably heard about (it was all over the news). The entire south of England pretty much shut down because of this snow. My Commerce classes from Wednesday on all got canceled because the professors have to drive in from Brighton. I’m hoping it will melt soon because my tuition is going down down down into the drain. You can probably see the its not very bright out yet, thats because this is like 7:30 in the morning. I didn’t know my class was going to be canceled that day so I got up super early (I have an 8:30 class) for breakfast.
After class got canceled, we went and strolled around the castle grounds. Here is me squinting at the sun in my eyes.
And then we decided to go shopping again (my 3rd time in a week) at the “local” Asda, which is actually in Eastbourne, a 20 minute drive from the castle. I saw these bottles and I just knew I had to take pictures and share them. Aren’t they CUTE??
That black bottle of Absolut also looks quite interesting *takes a picture*
English food!! You guys probably know the English aren’t known for their food. We’ve been eating English food all week but this was the only one I could clearly identify as being “English”: Fish and Chips!! There was also coleslaw (SO GOOD) but I didn’t take a picture of that; coleslaw kind of looks the same everywhere.
Me being a pig and eating =P
BTW, did I tell you guys there are so many celebrity look-alikes here this semester? There is this guy from Dalhousie Univ who looks like Robert Pattinson, and then another girl from Pennsylvania who looks like Rachel McAdams. Didn’t take a picture of them, that would just be too creepy.

How was your week? I’m heading off to London for a day tomorrow for a guided tour of the city, hopefully it doesn’t get canceled because of “extreme weather.”

7 thoughts on “More pictures of my room, castle grounds, snow & FOOD!

  1. I’ve never had fish and chips yet (haven’t been to the UK), but it looks so yummy, hehe…

    I LOVE your new layout! Did you design it yourself? It’s so cute! I’m feeling, my blog needs some changes too, hehe…

    Oh, and about you coming to Vienna – of course I’d love to meet you in person, Sheila! You know, not many blogger friends come visiting Austria, haha… Btw, have I ever asked, if you are Chinese?

  2. Hey Jess!

    Yes I’m Chinese =) I’ve been pretty much all over Europe last time I was here but totally missed out on Vienna, so I know I have to go this time around.

    No I didn’t design my new layout, I’m not that crafty, lol. Erynn ( designed it for me! I love it too, she’s so creative and awesome =)

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