I go to school at Hogwarts! [pics!]

I arrived safe and sound in London at 1:15ish on Saturday. So much has been going on these couple of days that I am just SO overwhelmed. Today was orientation for the upper-years (already Hogwarts-y, we’re separated into first years and upper years, hehe), but I am still super jetlagged, so I’ve been sleepy and tired for the entire day. Here are some memorable pics from the past few days!

The “last meal” in Vancouver: Korean BBQ! It was SO good, I’m drooling just by looking at the pictures. 
I’m at the airport, with my brother and mom =)
I arrive in San Francisco International Airport. There is a GUCCI store!! Too bad it was closed because it was New Years Day =( I look super tired from lack of sleep…
My breakfast/lunch. Had a spicy tuna roll and nabeyaki udon; neither was very good. The spicy tuna looked legitimately squished, and there wasn’t much stuff, it was mostly rice. And the nabeyaki udon didn’t seem fresh as it came out super fast after I ordered it. Plus I thought I heard the dings of a microwave.
First views of the famous London tube! Actually its the Heathrow Express, not the tube. I haven’t been on the tube yet, but I’m thinking it looks sorta similar-ish?
Pics of the castle!! Its Herstmonceux Castle and apparently its circa the 1400s. There is a moat!
Don’t the courtyard and the corridors remind you of Hogwarts? It seriously makes me feel like I go to school at Hogwarts. Every time I go to the washroom, I keep thinking Moaning Myrtle is going to jump out at me XD Apparently there are 2 resident ghosts at Herstmonceux Castle, I hope I never run into them o___0
Oh and there are sheep that freely roam the grounds next to the castle. Sometimes you can wake up with them right next to your window. I really wanted to go pet them, but I heard they bite (literally), so I guess not then.
Me in my big warm coat standing in front of the castle =)
Okay, now that was completely not beauty related, but I think you guys want to know more about me as well =) Plus there IS a person behind those beauty reviews, so I might as well talk about her as well, hehe. But on a more beauty-related note, I’ve been trying a few new skincare products this semester, so there will be lots of new reviews coming up. Check back for more!
BTW, if you are somewhere in Europe/London, I would really like to meet you! My itinerary will be up shortly (likely end of this week/beginning of next week) with the countries/cities that I will be visiting and the dates, so check that out and see if you want to meet up with me during any of the times that work with you. And then e-mail me at pinkrose398[at]gmail[dot]com. If you live in London, I’ll be in London quite often for school field studies so I’ll be flexible for that. Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you =)

6 thoughts on “I go to school at Hogwarts! [pics!]

  1. OMG.. that food pic looks SOOOO gooooood. Wow that place really does remind me of Hogwarts!
    Good luck on your adventures!
    Oh and I think it’s great you’re doing posts that aren’t exactly beauty related. It’s great to put a face behind the posts =)

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