FOTD with Jill Stuart products (Sweetness Collection!)

Today’s FOTD (actually from yesterday, because I forgot to upload them… oopsies!), is me using mainly Jill Stuart products. I used the stuff from the Sweetness Collection as well as the new Lip Lustre that I got at the same time. My look inspiration was from the Jill Stuart Fall 2009 Vixen and Angelic look:
Products used:
I used NO concealer *proud of self*! My skin has really gotten a lot better in the past few months that I pretty much don’t need it anymore. I did use a foundation base, which helped a bit, but mostly I felt that my skin was smooth and foundation application was easier than usual.
Also, remember how I said the Jill Stuart blush has weak pigmentation? Well when applied to my cheeks, it really popped with a pretty light berry stain. I love it, but it was too dark so I had to blend it in quite a lot with a powder brush and some additional Chanel loose powder.
In natural light:
Speaking of Jill Stuart, I finally got my hands on the Jill Stuart Mook. I bought it at Iwase Books, which is a Japanese bookstore at Yaohan Centre in Richmond. They do Japanese magazine subscriptions with stuff flown in directly from Japan.
Also, the weather yesterday sucked. Just like you all to know that XD, very typical Vancouver weather, all gloomy and sad looking.

Leaving Vancouver in 8.5 days…

I’m going to get my Chinese visa tomorrow, hopefully everything goes smoothly, unlike today where we went all over town to look for a place that would take passport pictures. We spent the entire afternoon doing that, UGH. So unlucky, the places we went to all ended up being closed for the day, or closed for business. In the end we finally found a place that did passport pictures at Lansdowne, but it was such a bad waste of time.

4 thoughts on “FOTD with Jill Stuart products (Sweetness Collection!)

  1. Great FOTD! I love your natural light picture, you look so cute! OoO I’m lemming your Jill Stuart Mook, Haha I never seem to be able to get my hands on one. Merry Christmas Hun!

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