New purchases ❤ Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection & MORE!

Hello there! I’m writing to you today from the comfort of my home in Richmond, British Columbia. Yes I am finally home from a hard semester of long days and even longer nights, but I’ve safely made it back home without any difficulties. Sorry for being MIA for so long without any real content… exams and papers have really just taken up a lot of my time. I will be responding to your comments very soon, so please stay put. And thanks to everyone for your love and support =D

Anyways, I came home to a ton of packages. I usually send all of my packages home starting in December because I might not get them in Kingston, and just in case, my mom is always home to sign for them, hehe.
First is… the very long awaited Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection! Canada Post tracking totally failed on this because I received my package this morning, but the tracking is still showing that my package is stuck in customs…
Some pics~

So pretty….

You can see that the powder in Marshmallow Puffy is quite glittery, but this should wear off in about one usage.

Jelly Eye Colour N in 103 Snow Parfait. It is a very light pink with lots of iridescent glitter and shimmer. I didn’t take a picture of the Jelly Lip Gloss in 101 Sugar Kiss, but the colour is very similar to the Jelly Eye Colour, very iridescent and shiny.

The brush is very soft and made of all natural hairs.
The pouch was a lot smaller than I had expected, it is about the size of my hand (with fingers extended). It is still super gorgeous and cute though, which was definitely what I expected. I probably won’t use this pouch to do much other than store makeup, its not something you can conveniently take outside as a makeup pouch or whatever, but cute to leave on the vanity.
I bought the Sweetness Collection from Gooddealer, you can see the number of samples they gave me, it was so nice of them! Also, they were very careful with the packing of my purchase by making sure that nothing was bent or broken. They packaged separately the box and the little shopping bag that comes with the collection to make sure that it didn’t get crushed during shipping. I thank them for that!

I also bought Jill Stuart Lip Lustre in 26 Cute Petal. It is a very gorgeous baby pink with lots of shimmer.

Let’s not forget my mini haul from the Anderson Soap Company. I learned of this company after seeing Mona‘s haul pictures. I love body soaps, butters and lippies so I knew I had to have some! I ordered the Chocolate Drizzle (chocolate with almond) and Coconut Obsession whipped body soaps, the Paradise creamy body butter (pina colada) and the Coconut Lip Balm. They included a Pumpkin Spice lip balm as a gift. Right now they have a shipping promotion of $0.75 per item. The package is quite heavy so I expected that it would be more expensive.

I also received a package from DSK Steph! I forgot to take a picture of it as my mom received it a few weeks ago… but will do that for my next post.

10 thoughts on “New purchases ❤ Jill Stuart Sweetness Collection & MORE!

  1. Hope you enjoy the coffret! I have only tried the nail polish and jelly lip gloss haha, the eye jelly failed too meet my expectations (too runny texture), I like their regular eye jelly lines better though 😀

    the marshmallow puffy powder is too pretty to use XD

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    I’ve only tried the lip gloss, and its a little too sticky, but it smells SO good. Same with you, I feel the powder is just too pretty.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. YAY!!! Another person who has gotten this collection! SOO cute right?? I didn’t get it…because its too expensive. 😦 But the Jelly Eye Colour and the Marshmallow Puffy look absolutely gorgeous! Great Haul!!!

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