Second round of packages: from Eki and a sample from Kathi of Lotus Palace!

I received two more packages yesterday! One was the stuff I purchased from Eki, the other was the sample that Kathi from Lotus Palace offered on her blog a few weeks ago.
First, my EkiLove haul:
The packaging is cute as always, Eki always knows how to present her creations!

I love the little sticker that she had gotten made, its so cute and perfect for her; same with the business card.

My purchase! The Hime Grace pouch and the peaches & cream pouch. Eki was so nice to include some masks and skincare samples for me to try. Not only that… she also gave me a free pair of her Hearts & Keys earring after hearing that I liked them. Thank you so much Eki!!

The Grace Hime pouch. It is byfar my favourite Eki purchase up to now. I own four Eki pouches as of yesterday, and this one is just so pretty. The ruffles of fabric and lace, as well as the big capacity (shown here in comparison with the huge tube of Glysomed hand cream), it really is the perfect pouch. I will be using this to store my skincare stuff for when I travel.

Eki also included two rebate coupons for Cellnique! If you’ve been reading her blog, you know that Eki is a big supporter of Cellnique. The coupons are for $10 off purchases of $100. I will be including one of these coupons in my anniversary giveaway.
Now to the sample sent by Kathi. It got here so fast from Austria! Canada Post is usually not that fast.. sometimes mail from BC sent to me in ON takes 4 weeks to arrive, can you imagine that?!
The letterhead and envelope are all so cute, its pretty sad to see the big postage stamp on the front of the envelope.
Inside was a sample of the Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder! I’ve never tried cleansing powders before as I am all for the foamy stuff, but I was really intrigued by the concept, so when Kathi offered samples on her blog, I immediately jumped at it.
Thanks Kathi! I will be writing the full review once I try this product out.
That’s all the packages from yesterday. I received an e-mail from Yumeko of Bittenbefore whom I ordered a brush roll from, that my order will be shipped out soon. I am really excited as I love cute brush rolls and Yumeko is so talented and awesome to be making them. I’ll post up pictures once I receive it!
As for my test today… I think I did pretty well. The only question I know I screwed up on was the question about Malaysia’s internal policy, I completely misread part of the question and so I only got part of it right. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to be more careful next time.

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