Makeup in New Moon & Urban Decay mini haul

I went to watch New Moon yesterday. While it wasn’t as good as the first movie in general, I definitely thought Bella’s (Kristin Stewart) makeup improved dramatically; I wonder if its the same person who did the makeup for both movies. Anyways, you can see the comparison between top (New Moon) and bottom (Twilight).

In New Moon, Bella especially looks more human, in some ways “warmer.” It could also be because New Moon was edited to be yellow-tinted rather than blue-tinted like Twilight. I found that in Twilight, it was hard to distinguish between the vampires and the humans because they all looked pale and somewhat sickly, but in New Moon you can definitely see that distinction. Also in Twilight, Bella’s makeup was more gray-ish, while in New Moon it was definitely brown or beige-neutral.
Chris Weitz (the director) definitely put a new spin on things, as its no longer as chick-flicky, but he incorporated a LOT of what was in the book, especially some major quotes which were pretty important, even though they were SO sappy when said out loud. I admit I rolled my eyes more than once throughout the entire movie. Also of course, the real treat lies with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and his gorgeous buff body; the crowd swooned over it so much more than they swooned over Edward’s (Robert Pattinson), maybe because they knew Jacob’s was the real stuff when Edward’s was drawn on using computer graphics, haha. Anyhow, I won’t spoil the movie for you; you should definitely watch it if you are even somewhat of a fan of Twilight, it won’t let you down.
Before the movie yesterday, I also took some time to grab some things for the giveaway that I am having. I went and bought some Urban Decay makeup! I got 3 eyeshadow pans and a brow pencil. For the eyeshadows, I bought two of Acid Rain, which is shimmery gold, and one of Gash, which is a gorgeous deep copper.

The two eyeshadows are definitely up to UD standard. They are so smooth, pigmented and easy to apply. They’re both quite shimmery (which I really like), but there is almost no fallout. Both colours are very wearable, especially Acid Rain, which can create a very beautiful shimmery base for other eyeshadows.
What do you think?
I am including one pot of Acid Rain in the giveaway, which gives you so much more reason to participate! Check out more details here. Don’t forget to follow me if you haven’t done so already.

6 thoughts on “Makeup in New Moon & Urban Decay mini haul

  1. lol I didn’t want to read too much about New Moon because I couldn’t see it today. It was sold out for the times I wanted to watch. I think the difference in the movie is apparent because they switched directors, (lol I learned this from a show about Twilight on MTV the other day).

    I do adore UD eyeshadows, even though I’ve only tried a few 🙂

  2. Hi Steph!

    I bought my ticket a month ahead of time, or else it would have been sold out too, there were SO many people in line!

    Yeah I know they switched directors, but I thought it was more going to be like the Harry Potter films where its still somewhat similar. I felt that the entire “feel” of the movie was different. Its not a bad change though, I prefer how they filmed this one vs. the last one =)

    Thanks for your comment!

    P.S. I only have 3 UD eyeshadows too, but I do want to keep collecting =)

  3. Wow, a lot of people told me the second movie was better. But I definitely agree that the makeup in the second movie looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see this next Wednesday. 🙂

  4. Hi smiley13tree,

    I guess it depends on how you look at it. I loved the way the 2nd one was filmed, but I thought it ran a little slow at the beginning. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for chick-flicks, which the first one is more like. =)

    Thanks for your comment!

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