All-nighters & ultra simple fresh-faced FOTD

I had another all-nighter on Monday night/Tuesday morning while working on my business law assignment. I finished early in the morning and had time to kill so I decided to put on some makeup, also partly because my skin looked so horrible and sallow after another night of no sleep. You can see the crazy sallow face here:

This was my face after I gave it a quick, deep cleanse with some cleansing oil and Clinique Liquid Facial Soap. Its not as scary as before and there is some warmth back into my skin after washing it with nice warm water.

You can see that makeup makes a world of a difference.
Products I used
Its a very simple FOTD that you can do in probably 5 minutes flat. I love how the Graphic Lights palette is already pretty blendable, although some colours can get quite chalky.

I’m not wearing any falsies, so you can see that without them, I have almost no lashes XD. Also you can see that the Jill Stuart powder foundation has almost no coverage, as it doesn’t even cover up my freckles… *sigh*

This is before my lashes got combed out, haha. Oopsies.
Let’s end off with a funny face.

I realized today that I constantly have low blood sugar. How do I know that? I tend to feel ultra tired after a while with no eating. And I’m not just making up a reason for my pigging out… lol. I’ve noticed this pattern for a while now, especially when I’m in Kingston and I sleep for a bit longer than I usually sleep. Maybe its because I’m not eating a balanced diet or something, because it never happens when I’m at home and living with mom.
Anyways, what do you think about this look? And don’t forget to follow me to get updates about the one-year anniversary contest that I will have coming up! More full-size products have been added to the prizes.


2 thoughts on “All-nighters & ultra simple fresh-faced FOTD

  1. Hi Who Cares!

    Thank you so much =) Yes I do wear contacts, I am wearing Freshlook Colorblends in Amethyst in this look. Its one of my favourite coloured contacts to wear.

    Thanks for your question and your comment!

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