Review and Swatch: Dior Vernis in 782 Silver Purple

OMG Dior, do I love you, or do I LOVE you. I think I LOVE you. This i is one of the prettiest nail polish colours I have seen in a LONG time, probably since Dior Vernis in Paprika, which is a bright fuchsia with silver shimmers. Not only is the formula consistent throughout all of my Dior polishes (I have 6 now), the colours are ones you seldom find in other brands.
Here is the swatch, as well as my mani of the week:

My mani this week was Dior Vernis in 782 Silver Purple, which was part of the Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreale collection.

Apart from the ultra smooth application, the colour is rich, and you can achieve an opaque colour with just one coat, but I did two coats because I prefer a very rich, darker look. It dries relatively fast, although due to my past experience with Essie, I waited extra long, just in case.
The colour itself is really beautiful. It reminds me of those metallic pens I had when I was younger, where it is comes out purple, but immediately develops a silver coating on top, and then you can erase the purple coating to reveal a true purple underneath. Yeah, it is like that, but the metallic coating in this case is not a coating, but blended into the purple itself. It also kind of reminds me of Dior Vernis in Lemon Balm, which I don’t have but I’ve seen swatches of. This one is a truer purple though, compared to Lemon Balm which is a taupe-y, bronzy colour.
I salute Dior for making such a gorgeous pairing between this and the rest of the Holiday 2009 collection. This would be the perfect nail polish to pair with the 5-colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in Smoky Crystal, and of course the Cristal Boreal pendant.
FYI, Dior raised the prices of its nail polish in the past few months. They are now $24, versus it being $23 in the summer.

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