Spring 2010: Dior Lacy Beauty

For Spring 2010, Dior is releasing a collection of lace-themed products.

5-colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in #059 Pearl Glow

5-colour Eyeshadow in #743 Coquette

Dior Poudrier Dentelle

Can I say Oh Em Gee again like I did with the Guerlian 2010 Spring collection? If I could, I would. I love the packaging in this collection as I am a huge lover of all things lace. I will probably end up with the 5-colour Iridescent in Pearl Glow (depending on how it swatches), and the Poudrier Dentelle as I love the packaging…

This is such a dilemma, do I really need 2 blushes from one season? I was thinking of getting the Guerlain one as well because the colours look like they will blend well together, AND I was thinking of getting another Jill Stuart Mix Blush.

This collection will be released officially on January 15, but as we know with past Dior (and any other brands), you can usually start ordering a few days or even weeks in advance. I’m hoping to grab this at Heathrow Airport (yay for duty free!).



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