New Hauls & Modelling pics of Juicy dress!

I received 3 packages in the mail this week, one was the dress I ordered from S|Sense, one was the stuff I bought from Diane‘s blog sale, and one was from Sephora.

First, the dress. I LOVE this dress. Originally I was so scared that I wouldn’t fit into the 6 because Juicy’s clothes fit smaller, but I actually fit perfectly. It fits so perfectly, I can wear it as a strapless dress. Being able to fit into the Juicy 6 really made me realize I am a size 6 now, I can’t believe I lost 2 sizes in a year (went from a 10 to a 6 in 12 months-ish). If you look closely, the big poke-a-dots on the dress are actually apples and pears. This is another reason why I love this dress so much.

And the price? it was $68CAD after tax and shipping, down from $350ish.

Edit: OMG the dress has pockets!!! Its very well hidden too because it is a bubble dress. I can hide a camera or credit card in it without it looking bulgy =D

I am makeup-less today.

Here are the stuff I bought from Diane‘s blog sale. I bought a Coffret D’or eyeshadow palette and a MUFE HD primer. The awesome Diane also added a ton of Laneige (LOVE), Shu Uemura and Juice Beauty samples for me to try out. Thank you Diane!!

Coffret D’or palette up close.

Swatches of the Coffret D’or palette and MUFE Primer. The Coffret D’or palette is very light, and not that pigmented, but it is extremely smooth and easy to blend. I actually prefer it this way because all of my Dior palettes are super pigmented, it is good to have one that I can wear during the day so I don’t end up looking super dramatic all the time.

The MUFE primer is just globbed on my hand for now. The texture is very light and creamy, and very easily blendable.

My Sephora order. See the Too Faced palette on the right? I ordered THREE of these. One for me and two more for my friends who had birthdays in October.

This is a really cute palette that has everything you need for a pretty face. I havent tested it out yet, but it all looks very wearable, not to mention it smells nice. The top flap kind of covers it, but there are actually 6 eyeshadows and a bronzer on the top row. The 2 side flaps are all lip products with the middle main part filled with face and eye products. It also comes with a mini eyeliner, mini lip injection and mini mascara. Total love, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “New Hauls & Modelling pics of Juicy dress!

  1. Lovelovelove the Coffret D’OR Palette … and you make a good point about Dior’s shadows being heavily pigmented – it is nice to have something where you’re not worrying about having a lighter hand! ox Care

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