I got it! The Dior Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreal and Vernis in 782 Silver Purple

I received a FedEx package today. I was so happy when I saw that the From address was Holt Renfrew Vancouver. Even though I was almost late for class, I had to open the box and take a peek inside. Here are the contents after I ripped apart all of the tissue paper and bubble wrap (it was protected nicely):

Dior Cristal Boreal necklace and the Dior Vernis in 782 Silver Purple, plus a stack of samples and the receipt in a very nice envelope.

As usual, you can click on the pictures to enlarge =)


Oh… em… gee… look at that pretty box! Of course the Vernis is nice too, but of course I was focused on the necklace.

I was just about to drool all over this when I saw it. It looks even better than in the pictures, it just looks GORGEOUS.

Look at those crystals just shine in the light. You can clearly see the four distinct Aurore Boreale crystals. There were 52 Swarovski crystals on here, 4 of them were the Aurore Boreale crystals.

Taken with no flash, but you can still see the prettiness.

The back can probably double as a mirror, it is so shiny!

It slides open to reveal a very nice pink gloss. I have a feeling the colour will be similar to the pink nail polish that was released with the collection (too bad its not available in Canada… again!)

Gloss with no flash.

Gloss with flash. It is VERY sparkly, with lots of iridescent sparkles.

Even on the clasp there is a little tag with the word Dior and a Swarovski crystal. It makes for a nice detail.

The necklace. It is VERY long. I doubt I will actually wear it with the silk cord included because it reaches down to my tummy. I might buy a chain or something to wear it on. One more thing, the pendant is really heavy, and is definitely something you probably won’t be able to wear for a long time. But of course, with something this pretty, I just want to keep it in its little box to protect it.

The Vernis in 782 Silver Purple. It is a very nice deep purple colour. I just did my nails a few days ago, so I won’t swatch it for you today, but I’ll do a swatch in a few days when I do my nails again.

Samples! Thank you Alice at the Holt Renfrew Dior counter. She gave me four of the HydrAction day creme and two of the HydrAction serum when I told her my skin is starting to become more dehydrated as we approach the colder months.

The pendant was $90 and the Vernis was $24. Sadly the price of the Vernis has increased by $1. Hopefully none of the other stuff got price increases or else I wonder how I will afford next year’s collections. This year is the only year that I managed to buy something from every collection that Dior released.

I will be looking forward to what Dior offers next year, hopefully being able to grab the Spring stuff in the UK and the Summer stuff in China (or ordered from Sephora and get it shipped to my house, or get Alice to hold some for me until I get back, hehe). By the Fall collection, I’ll be back in Canada.

What do you think, will you be buying this?


8 thoughts on “I got it! The Dior Holiday 2009 Cristal Boreal and Vernis in 782 Silver Purple

  1. Hi Jamilla,

    I don’t think I’d ever want to ruin the smooth gloss by using it! It is just so gorgeous.

    I will do my nails again tonight and use the Silver Purple Vernis. I’ll make sure to take pictures of it =)

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. i skipped on the cristal boreal but thought the casing was pretty 🙂

    guerlain is cheaper at london’s heathrow airport. with the conversion rate its a good deal.

    i don’t know the exact release date to the guerlain spring collection but should be around march i assume?

  3. Hi Christy,

    I’m scared of scratching it too! But I doubt I’ll be actually using it, I’ll probably just keep it in the box to look at, haha.

    Thanks for your comment!

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