Sheila, then and now

So… I think I’m going to do a post just about me. I’ve changed a LOT since I was a kid, to high school, to now being an undergraduate student. I haven’t just changed mentally, but physically as well. There is a saying in Chinese that girls, as they get older, change 18 times (女大18变). I think this is particularly true in my case because I completely acknowledge that I used to be not that great looking.

So here is a little timeline from since I was a little high school nerd to now. Prepare yourself for some pretty scary pictures… (I blocked out other people’s faces for the sake of their privacy)

This picture was from when I was in grade 9 (age 14). The girl next to me was an exchange student from Japan. We had a Japanese girl from the same group who stayed with us who taught me a lot of things about Japan, and it based a lot of what I know about Japan now. Notice how I have practically no eyes…. LOL
This picture was from the summer after grade 10 (age 15, turning 16). I remember I was taking English 11 after summer school. I was eating dinner with my friends whom I volunteer with at the Buddhist Temple. I see that my eyes are bigger now, no pun intended.
This was in grade 11 (age 16). I was eating lunch at the mall with friends. My eyes are even bigger now! *Gasp* Notice how I was wearing the same shirt as the previous picture? I love this shirt; I still have it and wear it even after like 6 years.
In grade 12 (age 17)! This is my prom dress. I had a custom made for me in China so it would fit in, cough, all the right spots. I still have it and I absolutely love it. I don’t think I have anywhere to wear such a long dress so I was thinking of getting it cut and made into a cocktail dress.
At Grad Dinner & Dance (basically prom) in grade 12.

My grad picture. My eyes aren’t that bad now, but look at the hideous eyebrows!
I chopped like 20 inches of my hair off at the end of summer before coming to Queen’s. This picture was taken during the Frosh Semi Formal dinner at the end of Frosh Week in first year (age 18). The girl standing next to me is my previous floormate, current housemate, and a friend I had known since grade 9.

This was summer after 2nd year (age 20). My hair grows back super fast, I’ve pretty much grown back 3/4 of the length that I chopped off before 3 year. My eyebrowns aren’t completely hideous anymore and I lost 12 kg over a period of 8 months (basically all the weight I gained after first year, plus a little more)

Again in the summer of 2nd year. I feel more open now about my style (aka, I have my own distinct style now). And I’ve started to wear makeup more regularly when I’m in Vancouver. When I’m in Kingston, I couldn’t care less about how I look, jeans and turtlenecks all the way, plus a bare face with just moisturizer and sunscreen. We’re not here to show off how amazing we look, we’re here to get a good grade so we can get a good job. But of course, jeans will always be designer =)

Are you somewhat disturbed now? haha


4 thoughts on “Sheila, then and now

  1. Such a nice transition 😀 You’re so pretty Sheila! I used to be such a tomboy, my transition would be awful to look at xD

    Off topic, but you look so much like one of my friends, and I always thought she was so pretty 😛

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I didn’t care about my looks at all when I was younger, like at ALL. It wasn’t until maybe late high school when I got into makeup that I started to care…

    Thanks for your comment!

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