Manicure + New Essie colours

I gave myself a manicure yesterday. Finally.

I used to do my nails every week when I was back in Vancouver. I would always take off the polish on Saturday nights and then on Sunday nights spend some time re-colouring them. This was a reItalicgular weekly ritual. Now that I’m back in Kingston, I really couldn’t care less about how my nails looked.

Well yesterday, I went to Winners with some friends before dinner and I stumbled across various different shades of Essie nail polish. In Vancouver, not only would these be pretty much gone, there definitely would not be as much variety of colours and some of them would likely be used or spilled. But in Kingston, I was able to find so many different colours at pretty good prices too.

I ended up buying 4 bottles (from left to right): Antique Rose (rose with gold shimmer), Waltz (white), Mod Squad (bright fuchsia), and It’s in the Bag (Light pink/nude), . It’s in the Bag and Waltz were the perfect French Manicure colours and Antique Rose was really nice for fall. I also bought a bottle of Shine-e, which is a topcoat.

I did my mani with Antique Rose. The picture is a bit blurry as I used, again, my camera phone. I’m going to try to use my camera next time because these pictures are not very good quality…

P.S. I’m actually not that fond of Essie’s nail polish even after hearing all that rave about it. I did a base coat, plus two coats of polish then top coat. I was looking at Facebook and talking to a friend on the phone when I did this. I talked to the friend on the phone for an HOUR, and I started doing my nails right when I called him. You would assume that my nails were dry after an hour, but no. I started doing other things after I got off the phone with him and afterwards, I saw that some parts of my nail polish had “flipped up,” as in the colour separated from my nail and flipped. On 2 other nails, the tip of it had smudged so it no longer looked smooth, and on the rest of them, it looked there were little cuts and scrapes on the surface of the polish. I was not impressed. Whenever I used my Dior Vernis, it would dry within 5-10 minutes for both layers of polish and my nails were perfect. I expected Essie, being a specialist in nail polish, would be better, but it had disappointed me greatly. I doubt I’ll be buying more Essie nail polish, it would be safer just to stay with Dior.

Also, I took a shower last night about 4-5 hours after my mani, and when i got out of the shower, the colour on tips of most of my nails had rubbed off. Arggggg.


4 thoughts on “Manicure + New Essie colours

  1. Those are nice colours that you chose 🙂 The photo is blurry, but from what I can see, your nails look really nice. Glad you posted this review though. I always see essie nail polishes at the lynn valley winners, and I’ve often debated buying them, but now I won’t be. One thing I absolutely need from my nail colour is that it’s fast-drying xD I always ending messing it up otherwise.

  2. Hi Monica,

    I love doing my nails too! I always try to find some time to do them because its relaxing, and like you said, therapeutic.

    Thanks for your comment!

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