Package from Eki <3

Today, I received a pretty package in the mail from the lovely Eki. I was so excited I immediately opened it when I got home. Thursdays are usually a long and tiring day for me, so when I got this, I became so happy ^__^

Sorry about the picture quality. I couldn’t find my camera so I had to resort using my camera phone, and then after I resized it and put a watermark on it, it no longer looks that great. It serves its purpose though, so enjoy!

I took step by step pictures of me opening the package so I can enjoy it in the future too~

I untied the ribbon to find a note written by Eki. The packaging was done so intricately, I imagine it took her a long time to do. Its so pretty, I tried not to rip the tissue paper…

Plastic is opened…

And in the yellow tissue paper, I find all of the pink stuff I ordered! This is a pink Nintendo DS holder that I am using to protect my DSi. The pink bow is part of a pink headband; its so pretty!

DSi safely in its home…

In the blue tissue paper, I found the black pokadot pouch I ordered from her. This has been done so well, and its so pretty!! Inside the black pouch, was a surprise…


It was a lipgloss, a bag of candy, and special gift from Eki, her own handmade earrings! I’m so excited, I can’t wear to wear them out ^___^

Thank you Eki~~


2 thoughts on “Package from Eki <3

  1. Hi Hun!
    yay you got my package!! Im so happy it put a smile on your face! thank you so much for your support and I saw your testimonial!! thank you for doing that as well 😀

    I hope you like the earring! its my new creation its called HimeLove hehe the ear base is hypo allergenic metal so its good for sensitive ears like mine :3 hehe

    thank you so much for the step by step photos also i felt like I opened the package with you 😀


  2. Hi Eki!

    Thank you for wrapping the package up so nicely! You really made me so happy that day because I felt the love that you put into making every detail up to the sticker that were keeping everything together. I really admire your talent and skill <3

    Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment! ^_____^

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