Gossip Girl Season 3 premieres TONIGHT!

I love Gossip Girl, its one of my favourite “western” tv shows (I’m more of a Taiwanese tv show person…). Even though some can argue there is no real plot, I still love watching it to relieve myself of schooltime stress.

Anyways, season 3 premieres tonight on the CW and CTV (in Canada), but since I do not have cable, I will have to wait until tomorrow when the episode is uploaded on the CTV website.

However, to celebrate the start of a new season, I present to you the frugal imitation of Blake Lively’s wardrobe!
Remember this look? Personally, I LOVE it. Its one of my favourite looks on the entire show. Here, Blake Lively (aka Serena Vanderwoodsen) is wearing a Ralph Lauren Collection blazer, Rich & Skinny jeans and Michael Kors knee high boots. Just the Ralph Lauren blazer must have been thousands of dollars, money I definitely don’t have.
But here I’m going to show you how you can re-create this look at a fraction of the original cost! Here is how…
Abercrombie & Fitch pinstriped blazer – $79.90 CAD
Abercrombie & Fitch top $15.90
Aldo boots – $100 (or any tall black boots you can find around the house)
And remember that Deux Lux handbag I bought yesterday? Well now is the time it comes in handy.

Then grab any pair of blue jeans that you have lying around in your closet.
Add some long wavy hair and a touch of gloss and mascara and you’re all set!

2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Season 3 premieres TONIGHT!

  1. I always love their clothing on that show. It’s pretty much the only reason I watch it, since I don’t follow it regularly enough to keep up with the story 😛

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I agree with you that the clothes in the show are gorgeous! I love all of the female characters’ clothes as they all reflect a different character.

    Thanks for your comment!

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