Anna Sui’s annual GWP is on now at Sears (across Canada) and Beauty Court (in Richmond, BC).

At Sears, with a $60 purchase you can get:
– a gorgeous metallic pink Anna Sui flap makeup bag with mirror
– full size Sui Rouge G lipstick (#703 at most locations, at the bigger locations like Downtown Vancouver you can choose your colour) (reg. $22)
– full size nail colour (#240, but can choose at downtown location) (reg. $14)
– 25mL refreshing fluid toner
– mini volumizing mascara

At Beauty Court, with a $85 purchase you can get
– choose between two different types of retro toiletry bags
– mini volumizing mascara
– 25mL refreshing fluid toner
– choose from two full size lip palettes, each with two colours (reg. $35ish)

I bought about $80 worth of stuff from the Richmond Centre Sears. One of the girls who work there is named Ding Ding. She’s super friendly (sometimes a bit too friendly), but with my purchase, I was also able to choose a full size foundation (new tester) that is worth like $34 or $36. They have a bag of unused testers that they have sold out in the full size products so with your purchase you can choose from what they have in the bag.

Right now I think they still have some liquid eyeliners left, lots of glosses, some of those keychain glosses, a few foundations, one concealer, and some skincare stuff. She only gives those stuff out to people that she is friendly with, so you will just have to suck up to her a bit more and then make your purchase.So with my $80 purchase, I was able to get about $70 worth of free full size stuff, so go check it out!

The GWP started today and I believe will last until its all out or May 28th. If you go after May 28th and still want stuff, just be friendly to Ding Ding and she’ll give you special deals.

My current Anna Sui collection (its missing some things, like skincare, but 80% of it is there)

GWP (the colour of the makeup bag is more like the first picture than the second picture)


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