Almay Summer launch event!

I was really fortunate to be able to attend the Almay launch of their new and upcoming summer products. We were also reintroduced to some of Almay’s most popular products. Jacquie, the national makeup artist for Revlon and Almay in Canada, was in attendance to show us some of the ways we can use the products.

Did you know Almay is the most popular brand of drugstore makeup remover in North America? Not surprising because they have several different makeup remover products aimed at different skin types and also for removing different things. Their Eye Makeup Remover Pads, one of their most well-known products, is available in oil free, which is a lighter non-greasy formula, and moisturizing, which is better for taking off heavier, more resistant eye makeup. Both are equally fantastic in removing daily eye makeup.

I am especially excited about these Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks that are super convenient for on the go or for keeping at the office for quick touch-ups. I keep mine at the office for touchups before meetings when sometimes mascara ends up on my under-eye area. These are very easy to use and I will do a formal review of them later.

Almay Smart Shade is also something that has become very hot in the last couple of years. Smart Shade is a technology that basically allows the product to adjust to your skin-tone to create a foundation shade that is perfect for you. The Perfect & Correct Primer consists of two coloured swirls, one in purple for correcting any sallowness, and one in green for correcting any redness. The primer is creamy and blends in very well. You also don’t need too much to cover your face.

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Swatches: MAC Semi-Precious Collection [link]

Yuki’s Lazy Channel has posted up swatches for the entire Semi-Precious collection to be released by MAC this summer. You can see swatches for eye products here and swatches for face and lip products here. You can find information on the collection at Temptalia here.

The swatches and photos are doing nothing for me as I’ve tried and failed with MAC mineralized products. I also need to curb my spending habits so I won’t be buying anything.

Has anything specific caught your eye?

Photo/Info: Collection Byzance de Chanel

The Collection Byzance de Chanel will be comprised of:

  • Le 4 Quadra Eyeshadow palette in Regard Signe de Chanel
  • Joues Contraste blush in Or and Rouge
  • Rouge Allure in Rouge Byzantine

In addition, there will also be a limited edition highlight palette that is available. It is extremely limited edition, with only 1500 that was made for the entire world, and can be purchased for $250 at select Chanel boutiques. You can see photos of this palette here on Cafe Makeup.

There is nothing interesting for me in this collection, although I’ve asked my Chanel SA to call me when they get it in so I can at least play with some of the stuff. This collection speaks “fall” to me, even though summer isn’t yet here… Whats on your list?

Collection info source

Preview: Guerlain Rouge Automatique

Guerlain is coming out with a new lipstick!! Too bad I’m not too excited about it for a couple of reasons:

  1. Guerlain currently has, what… 4-5 different lipsicks? There’s the Rouge G, Rouge G le Brillant, Kiss Kiss, Kiss Kiss Strass. Lip glosses in stick form include Kiss Kiss Baby and Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss. Is it really necessary to have another one?
  2. Ugh, the packaging. Doesn’t it remind you of those Bonne Bell lipsticks we had when we were young, but just much more expensive?

These photos were posted by Teen Vogue’s beauty director, Eva Chen, on her Twitter. You can see her other photos here.

The lipstick will be available in a wide variety of skin-tone flattering shades.

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Sneak Peek: Guerlain and Dior Spring 2011 with Swatches! [link]

Who is excited for Guerlain and Dior Spring?! Guerlain and Dior are my two favourite cosmetics brands and every season I anticipate their upcoming collections. I’ve stumbled on some swatches from one of my favourite online beauty editorials called UrCosme, from Taiwan. Dior Spring collection hasn’t even been released yet, which is why this is even more exciting!

From the photos you can see there’s going to be a new quad released by Dior, available in two variations, plus two new variations of the 5-colour eyeshadow (#034 designer edition and #018 5-colour eyeshadow). There is no information about whether the quads are limited edition or not, but I would assume so. The theme next Spring seems to be slate/grey shades, which is kind of strange for Spring. Also a new nail polish in a grey-ish tone, #707, and new gloss in shade #707, which is also silver/grey.

For more photos and swatches, visit UrCosme’s Facebook Page and direct link to the photos here.

Update!! You can see Dior’s Spring 2011 info here! The Cannage palettes are going to be LE and are the star products for Spring. The new 5-colour eyeshadow in #034 reminds me of the Misty Mauve palette from this past fall, but instead of mauve/purple tones, its grey XD

Update #2!! You can see better photos of the Guerlain stuff here on Yuki’s Lazy Channel, including clearer swatches. Ooooh I’m wanting that Ecrin 6 palette! Who can resist a hot pink jewel shade?

Source: UrCosme